The Sowing Discord faction quest is an interesting dive into this world of Starfield, as players work on behalf of Ryujin Industries to influence key figures at Quantum Synergies. This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully complete this mission, from engaging with top executives to tampering with a crucial presentation.

  • Requirements: Access Is Key Side Quest
  • Rewards: 250XP, 10,000 XP

Starfield Sowing Discord Side Quest Walkthrough

“Sowing Discord” becomes available after completing the “Access is Key” faction mission. Players can find it in their Mission HUD under the Faction Tab. To start this faction quest, you should head to the Ryujin Tower in Neon at Alpha Volii and meet Imogene on the Operations Floor. She’ll brief players on the mission’s objectives, which include influencing Quantum Synergies’ executives and replacing an original presentation with a tampered one.

Imogene advises you to read dossiers on Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa, the heads of Quantum Synergies. These dossiers, found in the your inventory under the Notes tab, provide an idea of what responses to use during conversations, aiding in persuasion.

Option 1: Purchasing Nina’s Suite Card

At the Astral Lounge, players can approach Boone, who’s stationed at the bar’s very end. Boone has Nina’s suite keycard available for purchase. The initial price is 4,000 Credits, but players can attempt to persuade Boone to lower the cost. With successful persuasion (requiring a score of four points), the price drops to a mere 1,000 Credits.


Option 2: Convincing Nina Directly

Nina can be found in the Astral Lounge, specifically to the left of the entrance door, elevated on a platform where she’s engaged in conversation with a friend. Players have two main approaches:

  • Convince Nina to Rest: If players suggest Nina should head to bed, she’ll move to the bathroom. This provides an opportunity to pickpocket her, though it’s a risky move given the open door and potential for other NPCs to walk in. After this, Nina returns to her original spot.
  • Encourage Nina to Drink: This option is trickier. If players advise Nina to have a drink, she’ll head to the bar and take a seat. Attempting to pickpocket her here is challenging due to the open setting.

Option 3: Lockpicking Nina’s Suite

For those who prefer a direct approach, Nina’s suite can be accessed by lockpicking. The suite is located on the Astral Lounge’s second floor, accessible via the VIP elevator on the dance floor’s left side. Once on the second floor, players should turn left, walk past a security guard, and locate the VIP booths on the right. The furthest booth is Nina’s Suite. The lock is of novice difficulty, making this the most straightforward and least risky method to access the suite.

Conversation With Arthur Cruz – All Dialogue Options

No.Dialogue Option
#1You look like quite the business man yourself.
#2[Persuade] Eh, no. And I’d hate for anyone to think so.
-Infinity profits are fabricated. One audit would ruin them.
-To compare, Ryujin’s profits are 25.7% higher, quality included.
#3 (if Persuasion fails)Ryujin isn’t afraid to do what it takes to succeed.
#4[Persuade] I wouldn’t recommend any deal with Infinity LTD.
Infinity profits are fabricated. One audit would ruin them.

Conversation With Zola Adisa – All Dialogue Options

No.Dialogue Option
#1A little bit of both.
#2You must have business with Ryujin.
#3[Persuade] A deal with Infinity LTD? That sounds risky.
-Infinity LTD is the cheap version of Ryujin Industries.
-Infinity lacks clear vision with constant reorganization.
#4 (if Persuasion fails)Does bringing out to a fancy setting like this really work in Infinity’s favor?
#5[Persuade] A deal with Infinity LTD? That sounds risky.
-Infinity LTD is the cheap version of Ryujin Industries.
-Infinity lacks clear vision with constant reorganization.

Return to Imogene at the Ryujin Tower to report on the mission’s success. Depending on the methods used, Imogene’s feedback may vary.


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