Starfield stealth offers players a tactical edge. Whether you’re navigating hostile territories or trying to avoid unnecessary confrontations, understanding the game’s stealth mechanics is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of how to effectively use stealth and silenced weapons:


Every player in Starfield has the ability to crouch, initiating a stealth mode. But to truly harness the power of stealth, you’ll need to invest in the Stealth Skill. With just one skill point, a handy detection indicator appears, giving you insights into how concealed you are:

  • Green Indicator: This fills up slowly when non-aggressive characters start noticing you. If it maxes out, they’ve fully detected you, and any illicit actions will be seen.
  • Orange Indicator: This is a warning sign. It fills up when enemies sense your presence. If it reaches its peak, they’ll actively search for you.
  • Red Indicator: This is an immediate danger sign. If enemies spot you, this bar will flash red, signaling that you’re now a target.

For those who upgrade their Stealth skill further, they’ll also gain insights into the noise they produce, allowing for even more strategic movement. Stealth isn’t just about staying hidden; it’s about striking when the time is right. A well-timed sneak attack can deal devastating damage. But remember, open spaces and daylight can compromise your stealth. And while one sneak attack might go unnoticed, subsequent ones might not, especially without the right equipment.

How To Use Silenced Weapons

A variety of weapons in Starfield can be equipped with noise-reducing modifications, like suppressors for ballistic weapons or quiet lasers for energy-based ones. These mods are essential for stealth-focused players. To get your hands on these:

  1. Find or Buy: Some weapons come pre-equipped with these mods. It’s a matter of luck and where you look.
  2. DIY Modding: If you’re the hands-on type, gather the necessary resources and research the suppressor modification. This requires a decent investment in the Weapon Engineering skill. Once you’ve done the research, you can start modding!

For those truly committed to the stealthy approach, Starfield offers a range of Physical, Social, Tech, And Combat skills that compliment Stealth skill:

SkillRank And Effect
TheftRank 1: Unlock pickpocket ability.

Rank 2: +10% chance of pickpocketing.

Rank 3: 30% chance of pickpocketing.

Rank 4: 50% chance of pickpocketing.
NegotiationRank 1: Unlock bribery speech challenges.

Rank 2: 25% less bribery cost.

Rank 3: 50% less bribery cost.

Rank 4: Chance of 0 bribery cost.
CommerceRank 1: Purchase items at a 5% discount and sell them with a 10% markup.

Rank 2: Purchase items at a 10% discount and sell them with a 15% markup.

Rank 3: Purchase items at a 15% discount and sell them with a 20% markup.

Rank 4: Purchase items at a 20% discount and sell them with a 25% markup.


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