Starfield requires not only combat skills but also a deep understanding of your ship’s power systems. The power allocation system in Starfield is intricate, allowing players to optimize their ship’s performance based on various scenarios. Understanding the ship’s power systems will go along to winning space battles in Starfield.


How Ship Power Allocation Works In Starfield

Your ship in Starfield is equipped with several systems, each serving a unique purpose. These systems include:

  • Lasers (LAS): Primarily used for combat, allocating more power to lasers can enhance their damage output and reduce recharge times.
  • Ballistics (BAL): These systems deal consistent damage and recharge quickly. They are essential for intense space battles.
  • Missiles (MSL): Missiles can deal significant damage, and allocating power to them can increase their reloading speed.
  • Engines (ENG): The heart of your ship’s movement. Allocating power here can boost acceleration and provide longer, more potent boosts.
  • Shields (SHD): Your primary defense mechanism. Powering up shields increases their durability, ensuring your hull takes reduced damage from enemy attacks.
  • Grav Drive (GRV): Essential for interstellar travel, allocating power to the Grav Drive reduces the charging time required for jumps between star systems.

Power Allocation in Action

To allocate power to different systems:

  1. Use the Arrow keys on PC or the D-Pad on a controller.
  2. Hold down the Left-Alt key (on PC) and use the side arrow or W/D keys to switch between ship systems.
  3. Once a system is highlighted, use the up/down or A/S keys to increase or decrease power allocation.

The ship’s HUD displays the total power available, allowing players to make informed decisions about allocation. Each system has a maximum and minimum power level, which can be expanded by upgrading the ship with superior parts.


The Impact of Power Allocation

Allocating power to a specific system enhances its effectiveness. For instance:

  • Powering the engine allows faster flight.
  • Strengthening the shield helps deflect incoming damage.
  • Enhancing the Grav Drive facilitates quicker jumps between star systems.

In combat scenarios, if a ship’s system gets damaged, directing more power to it can initiate repairs, ensuring you remain battle-ready.

How To Allocate Power To Different Ship Systems

The total power of every ship is determined by its reactor. A stronger reactor means more available power for allocation. The game classifies reactors into Class A, Class B, and Class C. Your piloting skill rank determines the type of reactor you can equip. A higher piloting skill allows players to equip better reactors, leading to increased power for allocation.

Best Ship Reactors For Power In Starfield

Fusor DC401 Reactor

The Fusor DC401 stands out as a top-tier choice for those seeking a balance of power and durability. As a Class C reactor, it requires a Piloting rank of 4. It boasts a massive power generation of 29, a moderate hull strength of 755, and a large crew capacity of 3. However, its 1x1x2 model and a mass of 90 means you’ll need to design your ship around it. With a price tag of over 50,000 credits, it’s an investment that promises robust performance.


Z-Machine 2020 Reactor

The Z-Machine 2020 offers a unique proposition. As a Class B reactor, it requires a Piloting rank of 3. While its power generation is on the lower side at 16, it compensates with a colossal hull boost of 1,100. Weighing in at 57 mass with a 1x1x1 form factor, it’s relatively compact. Priced at around 17,000 credits, it’s a reactor that suits ships designed for combat, especially when paired with the Aneutronic Fusion skill.

Tokamak X-120S Reactor

For those prioritizing sheer power, the Tokamak X-120S is a compelling choice. This Class A reactor offers a staggering 28 power generation while keeping its weight light at 30 mass and maintaining a compact 1x1x1 form factor. However, its hull strength is a mere 480, making it a bit of a glass cannon. Available for around 33,000 credits, this reactor is ideal for ships that prioritize offense over defense.

154MM Toroidal Reactor

The 154MM Toroidal Reactor is a balanced option for those seeking a linear upgrade path. As a Class A reactor, it provides a solid 26 power generation, a hull strength of 600, and a crew capacity of 1. Its 1x1x1 form factor and 35 mass make it versatile for various ship designs. Priced at approximately 30,000 credits, it’s a reliable choice for those looking for a reactor that offers both power and flexibility.