Starfield is a massive game with tons of content and different mechanics. Some of them, like the ship fuel system, are not explained too well. In this Starfield guide, we go over how you can increase your ship fuel capacity and refuel.


Fuel, specifically He3, is paramount for executing grav jumps between systems. After selecting a destination on the Starmap, an information panel will display details about the jump. If your He3 reserves are sufficient, the jump is feasible. Otherwise, you might have to opt for shorter jumps to closer systems. Over time, augmenting your He3 capacity becomes crucial, allowing for extended grav jumps. The good news? Your fuel replenishes after each grav jump, ensuring you’re never stranded in a distant system.

How To Increase Ship Fuel Capacity In Starfield

  1. Purchase Larger He3 Tanks: The most straightforward method is to buy a more substantial He3 tank. To do this:
    • Visit a Ship Services Technician, commonly found in space destinations like Akila, Neon, or New Atlantis.
    • Interact with the technician and select “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”
    • Navigate to the ship modification menu, choose your ship, click on “Shipbuilder,” and then “add.”
    • Browse the available upgrades and select “HE3 fuel tanks.”
    • Purchase and install the desired tank(s) in the designated area. Note that accessing superior tanks requires an adequate “Ship Builder” skill level.
  2. Astrodynamics Perk: Investing in the Astrodynamics perk under the Science skill tree can be a game-changer. This perk not only reduces the amount of fuel consumed but also extends the distance you can cover in a single jump.
  3. Ship Modifications: When you stop by a ship technician, you can modify your ship. By switching to the ‘Fuel Tanks’ tab in the Ship Builder, you can add modules. Some tanks hold more fuel than others, but even the cheaper ones can significantly boost your range.

How To Refuel Your Ship

You never really need to refuel your ship in Starfield. Your fuel will refuel automatically after you grav jump. You never need to land in order to refuel, which is rather convenient.

Things To Consider When Increasing Fuel Capacity

Upgrading to a larger He3 tank might impact other ship parameters, such as mobility. Additionally, the overall mass of the ship may increase, affecting its performance.


The capacity of each tank can be viewed in a table on the left side of the screen when purchasing. Look for the “maximum fuel” specification to make an informed decision.

This is what you need to know about refueling your ship and increasing fuel capacity in Starfield. If you are interested in learning more, then you can check out our guide on if you can romance multiple characters. You can also check out our guide on all zero G effects in the game. For more content, check out our Starfield guides hub.


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