Romance is an option available in every RPG and Bethesda’s latest RPG, Starfield, is no exception. There are a few romance options that players can pursue in the game. This Starfield guide will help players with the Romance option in the game, how to romance, and more.


Starfield Romance

There are four confirmed romance options in Starfield and all of them are members of the space exploration group, Constellation. For now, we know three of the four romanceable options which are:

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Sam Coe
  • Barret
  • Andreja

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is the leader of the Constellation and a former soldier and adventurer. We yet don’t know how you can romance her in Starfield but, we’ll know for sure once the game releases.

Sam Coe

Who doesn’t like to romance a space cowboy Sam Coe is just that. Sam Coe is an exceptional pilot and very good with rifles, which makes him useful in dangerous situations both on the ground and in space. Add romance to that and we might have a perfect romantic partner in Sam Coe.



Barret is a Constellation member who happens to be a good engineer and a recruiter for the organization. What we have seen so far suggests that Barret is a confident and funny companion, which are good qualities to look for in a romantic partner.


Another member of the Constellation, Andreja is a romantic option in Starfield. Players will meet her after completing the ”┬áInto The Unknown” main quest.

Can You Romance VASCO

Unfortunately, VASCO is not a romanceable character, which is odd for a game like Starfield that offers so many player choices. It could be that VASCO is an expeditionary robot. This means we have to look towards modders to do what Bethesda could not.

Can You Have Sex In Starfield

According to the ESRB rating, players can have sex in Starfield, presumably, with their romantic interest, and not just about any NPC. However, what form it takes is not known yet. Will be a full scene or just a fade to black is yet to be seen.


That is all for our Starfield guide with tips on romantic interests, how to romance them, and more. For more on Starfield, also see How To Fast Travel and How To Deal More Damage To Robots And Turrets.

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