You can romance different characters in Starfield, and Andreja is one of them. Before you can romance her, you will need to find and unlock her. In this Starfield guide, we go over everything you need to know about romancing Andreja, including how you can unlock her and what she likes and dislikes.


How To Romance Andreja In Starfield

Before you can romance Andreja, you need to find her and unlock her as a companion. You can recruit Andreja as a companion in Starfield by completing the main mission called Into The Unknown. This is part of the Constellation storyline. You will need to complete the missions One Small Step and The Old Neighborhood.

Once you have completed the above-mentioned missions, three missions will become available, and Into The Unknown is one of them. If you want to progress towards romancing Andreja as soon as possible, then you can get started with the mission.

You will meet Andreja early on in Starfield, but she will not become a companion until you complete Into The Unknown. Once you have her as an active companion, go out on missions with her, and she will, from time to time, talk to you. She will give you her opinion and offer advice. We recommend following her advice to get into her good books. When you do something that Andreja agrees with, the prompt “Andreja likes this” will pop up on the top-right of your screen.


Once you have a certain affinity with her, she will ask to talk to you. You can have a dialogue with her anywhere, and you should do this if you are interested in romancing Andreja in Starfield. During the dialogue options, you will get the option to flirt with her. Selecting this option with allow you to start a relationship with Andreja.

When you have her as a companion, you can also interact with her and select the option “Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions?”. This will give you an idea of her story and personality. You can also save the game before talking to her in case you select a dialogue option that she dislikes.

Andreja’s Likes And Dislikes

Andreja is a just person, like other characters in the game. So, you should avoid stealing or killing innocent people when around her. You can have her wait far away from you if you need to do something that she might dislike. You should also avoid setting criminals free and letting them get away. You can use stealth and pick locks when you are with her.

Andreja likes the truth, so you should be honest with her. While that is the case, you should not be rude. Know the difference between being straightforward and condescending. She can get touchy about religion.


How To Marry Andreja In Starfield

You need to have all the special conversations with Andreja before you can marry her. Once you have completed the conversations, you will unlock her companion mission called Divided Loyalties. After you have completed the mission, you will have the option to romance her. She will want a close relationship with you, so you cannot flirt with other characters while you are in a relationship with her.

Keep her with you as your active companion, and talk to her when prompted. Reassure her of your relationship with her when possible. After a couple of conversations, you will unlock the mission “Commitment: Andreja”, during which you will travel to Shoza II in the Shoza system for a marriage ceremony.

Once you are married to Andreja in Starfield, you cannot get into relationships with other characters. You will need to divorce her if you really want to hit things off with another character.

This is how you can romance and marry Andreja in Starfield. If you are interested in learning more, then you can check out our guide on how you can mine faster. For more content, check out our Starfield guides hub.



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