There are a total of three religions to choose from in Starfield. And while it does not completely dismisses the IRL religions, the three main ones are the real deal. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing a religion. Every religion in the game has some advantages — it all boils down to your preference. In this guide, we have provided a detailed breakdown of all the religions in Starfield.


Starfield Religions

There’s more to religions in Starfield than just something you choose during the Character Creation. Aside from acknowledging real-world religions, Starfield introduces three new ones. Here is a rundown of these three:

Sanctum Universum

Those who align with the Sanctum Universe believe in a higher power. The religion has some dedicated followers who maintain cosmic balance through rituals in spite of the deity’s enigmatic appearance. There are many advantages to choosing Sanctum Universe. You can take advantage of Trader Discounts in the galaxy.

The Enlightened

As opposed to other faiths, the Enlightened emphasises humanitarianism. The religion emphasises on harmony, compassion, and responsibility toward other humans. You will have access to exclusive establishments on your journey when you follow the Enlightened.


House Va’ruun

House Va’ruun is a fascinating religion. They worship a powerful entity who encircles the universe called the Great Serpent. Although the intent of the entity remains a mystery, the deity is worshipped by fervent followers.

By joining House Va’ruun, you gain a distinctive trait that enhances your abilities. You can boost your Endurance and HP. However, it’s possible that fanatical followers will attack non-believers if you disregard the rituals.

Choosing a Religion in Starfield

When you create your character in Starfield, you choose one of three religions. As a result of this choice, your character’s background, development, and interactions with NPCs will be shaped throughout the game. Before deciding on a religion, take into account its pros and cons. Even though Bethesda hasn’t confirmed changing religions later, it’s wise to choose one that suits your playstyle and narrative.

Gameplay Implications

As mentioned earlier, religions in Starfield go beyond Character Creation since they affect gameplay. There are unique perks, abilities, and interactions associated with religion. By aligning with a religion, you will be able to access unique quests, special establishments, and even influence specific NPCs.


The followers of Sanctum Universe benefit from galaxy-wide trader discounts, allowing them to conduct business. Meanwhile, devotees of House Va’ruun do specialised jumps to improve their combat prowess, but ignoring rituals can have some repercussions.

And while Bethesda has not revealed the role of religions in Starfield, religious tensions are everywhere. Similarly to Skyrim’s civil war, religious conflicts add depth, intrigue, and complexity to the story.

You can also expect some questlines centered around religion, diving deep into its lore and impact.

Religion and Factions

Unlike other games, religions in Starfield intersect with factions, creating allegiances and rivalries. Religions have unique interacttions with certain factions, further defining your experience.


When you choose a religion in Starfield, you can influence how factions perceive you, unlocking quests, alliances, and conflicts.

This is everything we have on Starfield Religions. Who are you planning to align with, be sure to let us know in the comments below!