Starfield gives you have the ability to personalize their characters with unique traits that can influence their gameplay experience. One such trait, the “Raised Enlightened Trait,” ties your character to the Church of the Enlightened. While this trait offers certain benefits, there might come a time when players wish to part ways with the Enlightened and remove this trait from their character. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.


Locate Andy Singh in New Atlantis

To begin the process of removing the Raised Enlightened Trait in Starfield, players must first travel to New Atlantis. Specifically, they need to head to “The Well” within New Atlantis. The Well can be accessed by taking the elevator located behind the Jemison Mercantile building. Once inside The Well, players should look for a sign indicating the “House of the Enlightened.” Near this sign, players will find Andy Singh, a key character for this process.

Start a Dialogue with Andy Singh

Upon locating Andy Singh, players should engage in a conversation with him. During this dialogue, an option will appear that reads, “[Raised Enlightened] I’m not sure I want to be a part of the Enlightened anymore.” Selecting this option will prompt Andy to try and persuade the player to remain a part of the Enlightened. However, players determined to remove the trait can proceed with the conversation.

As the dialogue with Andy Singh continues, another option will present itself: “[Remove Raised Enlightened Trait permanently] I just can’t be a part of the Enlightened anymore.” By choosing this option, players will permanently remove the Raised Enlightened Trait from their character. It’s essential to note that this decision is irreversible. Once the trait is removed, it cannot be regained.


Consider the Implications

While removing the Raised Enlightened Trait might seem like a straightforward decision, players should weigh the pros and cons. The trait offers unique benefits, such as access to special chests in the House of the Enlightened. However, removing it might align better with a player’s evolving gameplay strategy or narrative choices.


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