Starfield boasts an expansive universe with over 900 planets and moons available for exploration. However, the process of landing on these celestial bodies can sometimes be a bit intricate. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth landing:


How To Land On Any Planet In Starfield

After gaining control of your ship post-tutorial, you can opt for a cinematic departure by returning to your docked ship and interacting with the pilot seat. This initiates a liftoff and propels you into orbit around your current planet. For a quicker transition, open the Galaxy Starmap (Press M on PC) and select the system you wish to travel to. If it’s your first visit to the system, its planets will remain hidden until you arrive. Hold the “Travel” prompt to chart your course.

Upon reaching a system, choose the planet or moon you aim to land on. Remember, you can’t set a landing point until you’re in orbit around your chosen planet. So, after entering the system, set a course for the specific planet or moon.

If your chosen planet houses a major city or settlement, be prepared for a contraband check. Departing prematurely during this check will result in a bounty on your head, even if you have no contraband.


Tip: Upgrade your ship’s grav drive, range, and reduce fuel cost by investing the Astrodynamics Skill under the Science Skill Tree.

What Do You When You’re Inside The Orbit

  • Landing Procedures:
  • Once in orbit, you have three primary methods to land:
    • Planet Map Method: Use the Planet Map to select a point of interest your scanners have detected. Designate it as your landing spot.
    • Manual Selection: If no points of interest are visible, you can manually choose a landing spot on the planet’s surface. The time of day at your landing spot will depend on its illumination by the nearby sun.
    • Scanner Method: Without reverting to the Planet Map, if you’re aware of a point of interest, activate your ship’s Scanner (Press F). Align your ship with the map marker until it’s highlighted. Press R to land directly. Occasionally, you might still need to access the planet map for unspecified reasons.

Tip: Invest in the Scavenging Skill to highlight nearby resources when you land on a planet.

For planets or systems you’ve previously visited, fast traveling becomes a more efficient option. Bypassing contraband scans accelerates the process. Simply navigate the Star System Map, then the Planetary Map, to select your desired landing site or point of interest. You can then fast travel directly to your chosen location.


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