If there is one resource that you will need to monitor carefully while exploring the galaxy in Starfield, it is Oxygen. This valuable resource basically acts as your stamina bar. Similar to other popular titles out there, stamina essentially determines how long you are able to sprint, perform combat actions, etc. In this guide, we will explain everything there is to know about Oxygen Levels in Starfield alongside some tips to help you increase Oxygen capacity.


Starfield Oxygen Levels Explained

Oxygen in Starfield essentially represents your stamina. You will notice an Oxygen Gauge which determines your ability to sprint, fight, and engage in other activities. However, if you exceed your Oxygen availability, your Oxygen Gauge will turn red. As a result of this, you will notice Carbon Dioxide filling up the Oxygen Gauge which will deplete your HP. In order to prevent Carbon Dioxide accumulation, it is crucial to effectively manage your Oxygen Levels. Below, we have provided some ways using which you can converse Oxygen in Starfield:

Use the Boost Pack

It is possible to conserve Oxygen in Starfield by using a Boost Pack. As opposed to running, using the Boost Pack for jumping does not deplete Oxygen Levels. Since it consumes energy from the boost stat. instead, it provides an opportunity to replenish your Oxygen Levels. You can strategically use the Boost Pack in order to cover more ground while simultaneously recovering your Oxygen Levels.

Extrovert vs. Introvert

When customising your character in Starfield, you can choose between Extrovert or Introvert.


Extrovert allows you to explore with human companions while consuming less Oxygen. It, however, results in a higher Oxygen consumption when traveling alone. On the other hand, Introverts consume less Oxygen alone, but more when accompanied by others. To effectively manage your Oxygen Levels, you should select the trait that suits your preferred playstyle.

Increase Oxygen Levels

There are a few different ways using which you can increase your Oxygen Levels. Here is a brief rundown of these:

Consume Food

You can temporarily increase your Oxygen Levels in Starfield by consuming specific foods. Furthermore, you can also craft Research Projects for Oxygen-enhancing food or discovering them as loot during Settled Systems exploration.

Pick Useful Traits

Starfield has certain traits that can increase your Oxygen Levels in certain situations. When choosing traits, you should try to choose the ones that increase your Oxygen Levels. Remember, however, that each trait can have downsides as well, so make sure you think about them.



You can increase Oxygen Levels in Starfield by investing in the Fitness skill. You will increase your Oxygen Levels as you level up the Fitness skill.

Why Should You Increase Oxygen Supply?

As mentioned earlier, Oxygen is essentially your stamina in Starfield. And so, there are multiple activities that consume this valuable resource. These include:

You will consume your Oxygen Levels if you sprint, use combat slides, or do anything else physically demanding in Starfield. Therefore, you should try to be mindful of your Oxygen Levels and carefully balance your activities so you don’t deplete this vital resource too fast.

During combat scenarios, heavy attacks also deplete Oxygen Levels. You should use your Boost Pack to create distance between you and your enemies if you are confronted. By doing this, you can conserve Oxygen Levels and recover before reentering the battle. Alternatively, you can also switch to ranged options to conserve this limited resource.


This is everything we have got on our Starfield Oxygen guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!