The “One Step Ahead” side quest throws players into a sneaky mission for Ryujin Industries against CeltCorp. Set in Starfield’s Neon, this quest is all about stealth and quick thinking. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this corporate rivalry and complete the mission successfully.


Starfield One Step Ahead Side Quest Walkthrough

Begin your quest in Neon, located in the Volii Alpha system. mogene, a key figure in Ryujin Industries, will set you on this mission. You can find her on the Operations floor of the Ryujin Tower.

  1. Talk to Imogene: Initiate the quest by discussing with Imogene. She will brief you about CeltCorp and the task at hand.
  2. Uploading the Program at CeltCorp:
    • Head to Neon’s Trade Tower and take the elevator to CeltCorp’s offices.
    • Your main objective is to upload a program to a specific computer within CeltCorp. However, this isn’t a straightforward task. You’ll need to use a digipick to access the computer, but caution is key.
    • Ensure you’re not detected while lockpicking. Being caught will result in an arrest, so it’s crucial to be stealthy. A tip to avoid detection is to wait in the meeting room chair and skip time, preferably until midnight, ensuring most employees have left or aren’t paying attention.
    • It’s advisable to quicksave before attempting the lockpick, ensuring you can revert if things go south.
  3. Return to Imogene: Once you’ve successfully uploaded the program, make your way back to the Ryujin Tower. Report your success to Imogene on the Operations floor to complete the quest and receive your rewards.

That’s everything you need to know on how to complete One Step Ahead side quest in Starfield.