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The quest for the First Cavalry continues in Starfield with On The Run side quest. After investigating a stolen ship and locating the thief, you’re introduced to the First Cavalry, a group of Freestar Collective soldiers from the Colony War. With two names in hand, Maya Cruz and Marco Graziani, it’s time to delve deeper into Marco’s story. In this guide, we will go through every objective that will help you complete On The Run faction quest in Starfield.

Starfield On The Run Side Quest Walkthrough

Begin this side quest quest by traveling to Red Mile, located on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima System. Here, you’ll meet the Ranger stationed there, Autumn MacMillan, who has insights into a smuggling operation by Marco.

Inside the Red Mile cantina, find Autumn MacMillan. She’s awaiting a crucial meeting with a contact who might have vital information about Marco. Follow her to meet this contact, Jade, who also has a stake in the situation due to Marco’s interference in her smuggling operations.


Jade introduces you to Mei Divine, the leader at Red Mile. Mei proposes a challenge: run the Red Mile, a dangerous race, and in return, she’ll arrange a meeting with Marco. Accept her challenge and prepare for a thrilling race filled with hostile creatures.

How To Win The Red Mile Beacon Challenge

The Red Mile challenge requires you to sprint across a canyon filled with dangerous inhabitants. Your objective is to activate a beacon at the base of a tower and return safely. Remember to utilize your weapons against any threats. Return to Mei Devine and she will arrange a meeting with Marco as promised.

Go to Autumn Macmillan and let her know that your meeting with Marco is confirmed.

Travel To Codos

Speak with Mei in her office and she will explain that you can find Marco on Codos, his ship in Cheyenne star system. Get to the ship and confront Marco. He is on the second floor of the ship where you can either kill Marco or spare his life. Killing him gives easy access to the Encrypted Slate but you can spare his life and then convince him to give the slate.


Take The Slate Back To Alex Shadid

Get back to the Freestar Ranger HQ and hand over the slate to Alex Shadid to complete the quest.


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