In Starfield, the Neon Street Rat trait provides players with a unique background, indicating they grew up on the bustling streets of Neon. Unlike other faction-specific traits, the Neon Street Rat doesn’t tie players to a particular faction. Instead, it offers city-wide dialogue bonuses and enhanced rewards for missions completed for Neon‘s citizens.


Neon Street Rat Trait Pros And Cons

The following is the pros list for Neon Street Rat trait:

  1. Special Dialogue Options: Players with this trait gain access to unique dialogue choices, allowing for a richer narrative experience.
  2. Enhanced Mission Rewards: Completing missions for Neon citizens can yield better rewards, making your efforts more fruitful.
  3. City-Wide Recognition: The trait signifies your upbringing on Neon’s mean streets, making you a recognized figure among its inhabitants.

Here is the con:

  • Increased Crime Bounty: While Neon might be your home turf, other factions aren’t as welcoming. Having this trait results in a significantly higher crime bounty from other factions, making interactions with them potentially more challenging.

How To Get Neon Street Rat Trait

There are a couple of methods to obtain the Neon Street Rat trait:

  1. Character Creation: At the onset of Starfield, players can select the Neon Street Rat trait as one of their three trait choices.
  2. Console Commands: For players who enjoy customizing their gameplay, specific console commands can be used. To add the Neon Street Rat trait, input the command: player.addperk 00227FD3. If you decide you no longer want the trait, use the command: player.removeperk 00227FD3.

How to Remove the Neon Street Rat Trait

Head over to Ebbside in Neon and seek out Madame Sauvage at her establishment. Purchase something from her bar and continue the conversation. As you chat, an option to remove the Neon Street Rat trait will appear.

Is The Neon Street Rat Worth It

The value of the Neon Street Rat trait largely depends on your gameplay preferences. If you’re keen on immersing yourself in the culture and narrative of Neon, this trait is a solid choice. The enhanced dialogue options and mission rewards can significantly enrich your Starfield experience. However, the increased crime bounty from other factions is a factor to consider. In essence, if you have a soft spot for Neon and its citizens, the Neon Street Rat trait is a worthy addition. However, always weigh the pros and cons based on your gameplay style before making a decision.