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Starfield players will frequently encounter advanced robots and autonomous turrets in combat. These non-human enemies can pose significant challenges, but with the right skills, players can gain a tactical advantage. The Robotics skill, nestled within the Tech Skill tree, is an Expert Tech Skill specifically designed to increase damage against robots and turrets in Starfield. As players progress in Starfield, investing in this Tech skill can significantly boost their damage output against robots and turrets. In this guide, we will go into the Robotics skill, its ranks, and how players can effectively utilize it to deal more damage to Robots and Turrets in Starfield.

Starfield: How To Do More Damage To Robots And Turrets

Robotics is a specialized skill in Starfield that focuses on dealing with robots and turrets in Starfield. As technology advances and robots and autonomous turrets become more prevalent in combat scenarios, mastering the Robotics skill can provide players with a significant advantage and it even become nessesary to invest in this skill during later stages of Starfield.

Tier 3 – Expert Tech Skill

This tier allows players to deal more damage to Robots and Turrets. Additionally, it provides the ability to manipulate the behavior of robots, making them stop fighting, flee, attack their allies, or even obey specific commands.


Benefits of the Robotics Skill:

  1. Rank 1:
    • Damage Boost: Players deal 10% more damage to Robots and Turrets.
    • Control Over Robots: Players can force a target robot up to 10 levels higher than them to stop fighting for a limited duration.
  2. Rank 2:
    • Damage Boost: Players deal 20% more damage to Robots and Turrets.
    • Manipulate Robot Behavior: Players can force a target robot up to 10 levels higher than them to flee for a limited time.
  3. Rank 3:
    • Damage Boost: Players deal 30% more damage to Robots and Turrets.
    • Turn Robots Against Their Allies: Players can force a target robot up to 10 levels higher than them to attack their allies for a limited duration.
  4. Rank 4:
    • Command Robots: Players can force a target robot up to 10 levels higher than them to obey specific commands for a limited time.

Tips To Beat Enemy Turrets

In certain areas, players can find a computer terminal close to the turrets. By accessing this terminal, players can reprogram the turrets and other security robots. Options include disabling the turrets or updating its friend/foe setting to prevent hostility. It’s important to note that not all turret locations have a nearby computer terminal.

Peek Corners

Corner peeking is a strategy where players use walls or obstacles to shield themselves from turret fire. By hugging the wall adjacent to the turret’s room, players can quickly move to the side, shoot the turret a couple of times, and then retreat back to cover. This method allows players to damage the turret without being exposed to its fire for too long.

Outrun The Turrets

Another strategy is to simply outrun the turrets. Players can consume an item called “Amp” to boost their movement speed temporarily. After consuming the Amp, players should sprint as fast as possible to a safe location, out of the turret’s line of sight.

How To Get Past Turrets In Mantis Quest

During the Mantis quest, players will encounter a unique situation involving turrets:

  • Team Up with Livey: In the Lair of the Mantis, players will meet Livey. Teaming up with him allows him to disable the turrets in the upcoming room.
  • Spell Out TYRANNIS: If players choose not to team up with Livey or if he is no longer available, they can solve a puzzle to disable the turrets. This involves walking on lettered tiles to spell out the word “TYRANNIS”.
  • Use Previous Methods: Players can also apply the aforementioned strategies of outrunning the turrets or using the corner peeking tactic. For instance:
    • Outrunning: After consuming an Amp, players can sprint to the room’s end and press a button by the door to disable the turrets.
    • Corner Peeking: If turrets become hostile prematurely, players can use the corner peeking method to destroy them.

Additional Tips to Deal More Damage to Robots and Turrets

  1. Weapon Choice: Some weapons in Starfield might be more effective against robotic enemies. It’s essential to experiment with different weapons and find the one that suits your playstyle while maximizing damage against robots and turrets.
  2. Aim for Weak Points: Like many games, robots and turrets in Starfield might have specific weak points. Targeting these areas can result in critical damage, ensuring quicker takedowns.
  3. Use the Environment: In some scenarios, the environment can be used to your advantage. For instance, leading a robot near explosive barrels and detonating them can deal significant damage.
  4. Upgrade and Modify Weapons: Regularly upgrading and modifying your weapons can increase their damage output. Look out for specific mods that enhance damage against robotic enemies.
  5. Stealth Attacks: If the game mechanics allow, sneaking up on robots and turrets and executing stealth attacks can be a way to deal massive damage or even take them out in a single hit.
  6. Teamwork: If playing in a team or with AI companions, coordinate attacks to distract and deal more damage to robotic enemies.


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