Mining resources is one of the most important activities in Starfield. These resources are used to upgrade equipment, craft items, and build outposts. The universe in Starfield has a diverse set of planets, each brimming with its unique resources that you can use to your advantage. However, this requires you to learn the most efficient ways of mining these resources. This guide will go over all the details you need to know about easily mining resources in Starfield.


Mining in Starfield

As mentioned earlier, mining is an essential part of Starfield, allowing you to acquire resources needed to build (and upgrade) various structures. Whether you choose to use the Cutter, or build an outpost, there are a few things that you should consider, as explained below:

Using the Cutter

The Cutter is a useful tool that can be used to mine resources.  It can be used to mine small deposits without worrying about depletion. While exploring different planets, use your Scanner to identify resource deposits. You need to look for small blue glowing rocks, which indicate a nearby resource. Once you have identified the resource, activate the Cutter.

Lastly, you can locate resources from a greater distance by investing in the Surveying skill in the Science tree. Also, keep an eye out for additional Cutters, which can be found in Mining Caves or Weapon Stores.

Building Outposts

A more effective strategy for mining resources in Starfield is to build an outpost. Outposts provide a safe and permanent base for mining. However, before building an outpost, it is necessary to survey the planet to identify the most resource-rich areas.

You should also choose a good location for your outpost, preferably near a resource deposit, to reduce the travel time. You will also want to make sure that you have enough supplies to keep your outpost running.

Identifying Resources

Starfield is filled with planets, each with unique resources waiting to be extracted. When viewing a planet from the system map, select the “Show Resources” option to change the screen. This new screen shows the amount of each resource on the planet, along with its location.

When you arrive at a planet, activate your Scanner to detect available resources. Scan the ground for small blue rock formations, indicating the presence of resources. You can also ‘track’ specific resources in the Build Menu. When a resource is being tracked, it will appear as a blue magnifying glass icon.

Planetary Resources

Starfield contains many planets, each with different resources waiting to be discovered. Some of the planets and their resources are listed below:

JemisonWater, Chlorine, Lead, Argon
ZamkaWater, Nickel, Iron, Copper
ChawlaArgon, Benzene, Water
GamowChlorosilanes, Lithium, Alkanes
KurtzHelium, Aluminum
BondarNickel, Tungsten, Platinum, Xenon
GrissonHelium, Iron
NiiraBenzene, Ionic Liquids
MagnarBeryllium, Silver

This is everything we have on our Starfield Mining guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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