Starfield players will often find themselves at the crossroads of moral dilemmas. One such pivotal moment arises when you’re faced with the decision to either kill or spare Rusty, the man responsible for the death of Katherine Luzion’s husband. As you navigate the neon-lit streets and dark alleys of the game, this choice will test your sense of justice and your strategic approach to the game. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the outcomes of this decision.


While exploring the cyberpunk city of Neon, players will encounter an old lady named Katherine Luzion in one of the stores. Conversations with her reveal the tragic death of her husband, Thomas, under mysterious circumstances. As you delve deeper into this mystery, evidence points towards Rusty Becker, who, driven by greed, took Thomas’s life for a few credits.

Locating Rusty

Rusty isn’t particularly hard to find. You can either track him down by following the quest line, which will lead you directly to his hideout, or you might just bump into him in Neon. If you encounter him by chance, he’ll try to beg you for money, and with a bit of persuasion, he’ll confess to his crime. However, his confession remains incomplete, as he refuses to divulge details about an accomplice or “friend” involved in the crime.

The Decision: Kill or Spare Rusty?

Regardless of the path you choose, Katherine Luzion will reward you the same way. But here’s a breakdown of the outcomes based on your decision:

  1. Killing Rusty: If you decide that Rusty must pay for his crime with his life, you can kill him. In doing so, you’ll obtain his low-value loot, including a pistol named Solstice. However, this pistol isn’t particularly valuable or unique. Rusty, being one of the weaker NPCs in the game, doesn’t pose much of a challenge, and eliminating him might feel like a swift act of justice.
  2. Sparing Rusty: Choosing the path of mercy and sparing Rusty offers a different set of rewards. By persuading him to leave and never return, you’ll earn some experience points and a slight boost to your persuasion skills. This choice aligns with a more diplomatic approach to the game, allowing you to hone your negotiation skills. However, if you change your mind after persuading him, you can still kill Rusty, but be prepared for potential consequences. Your companions might not appreciate this act of violence and could decide to leave your side.

Final Thoughts

While the decision to kill or spare Rusty might seem straightforward, it’s essential to consider the broader implications of your choices in Starfield. The game encourages players to think critically about their actions and the ripple effects they might have in the expansive universe. Whether you believe in an “eye for an eye” or choose the path of mercy, remember that every choice in Starfield shapes your journey and the world around you.