Starfield players will come across a myriad of quests that will challenge their decision-making, combat skills, and exploration abilities. One such quest is “Keeping the Peace,” which involves the player working with the United Colonies security force in New Atlantis. Here’s a detailed walkthrough to help you navigate this quest with ease.


Location and Rewards

  • Quest Type: UC Vanguard Faction Quest
  • Location: New Atlantis, Jemison, Alpha Centauri System
  • Rewards: 4300 Credits, 100 XP

Unlocking the Quest

The quest is unlocked by following the “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” activity. Players can trigger this prompt by eavesdropping on some NPCs inside the UC Vanguard HQ discussing Sergeant Yumi.

From your ship’s landing spot, head directly forward and look for a ramp on your left leading into the city. As you ascend the ramp, keep an eye out on the right side. You’ll spot the entrance to the security office, which is your next destination.

Upon entering the security office, you’ll find Sergeant Yumi stationed inside one of the initial booths. Approach him and initiate a conversation. Express your interest in seeking work. Sergeant Yumi will then proceed with a comprehensive interview. During this dialogue, your responses won’t significantly impact the quest’s progression, so feel free to answer as you see fit.


Keeping The Peace Side Quest Walkthrough

  1. Speak With Agent Plato
  2. Get The Package
  3. Deliver The Package To Sergeant Yumi

Speak With Agent Plato

After your discussion in the security office, Sergeant Yumi will direct you to Agent Plato, setting the stage for the next phase of the quest. Head to the MAST district and enter the AEGIS room on your right to find Agent Plato, who will brief you on your mission.

head through this door to find agent plato.

Get The Package

Return to the elevator and head to the NAT Station. Take the transit to the Spaceport and upon arrival, turn right to spot a Galbank ATM station. Check the marked location and pick up the package from beneath one of the benches.

Deliver The Package To Sergeant Yumi

The UC Security Office, a few blocks away from where you found the package, will be your next stop. Enter the office and hand over the package to Sergeant Yumi to complete the quest. After successfully completing the quest, a UC security officer will inform you that Sergeant Yumi wishes to speak with you. Engaging in this conversation will trigger the “A Break at Dawn” side quest.


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