In the bustling streets of Neon, players will inevitably cross paths with Katherine Luzion, a store owner with a cloud of troubles hovering over her. While she may initially seem dismissive, brushing you off with promises of talking later, there’s a deeper story waiting to be unraveled. If you’re finding it challenging to get her to open up, this guide will walk you through the steps to successfully engage with Katherine Luzion and uncover the mysteries she holds.


As you wander through the Neon slums, Katherine Luzion’s store is a place you’ll need to visit. This humble store owner, despite her initial reluctance, holds secrets that are crucial for players to uncover. At first, she might seem evasive, always promising to chat later but never following through. It’s easy to get frustrated, but there’s a way to break through her barriers.

How To Talk To Katherine Luzion In Starfield

The key to getting Katherine to talk? Patience. But not just standing around. To successfully engage with her, players need to manipulate time in Starfield. Just outside her shop, you’ll find a seating area with tables and chairs. By interacting with a chair, players can sit and then use the “Wait” prompt (B on PC). Initially, try waiting for 24 hours. If she’s still not ready to talk, give it another day. Your patience will eventually pay off.

Once you’ve waited long enough and approach Katherine again, she’ll finally open up. Without delving into spoiler territory, she’ll share her concerns, leading you on a quest to investigate a particular situation further. If you choose to assist her, be prepared for a deeper dive into the game’s narrative.


For those keen on specifics, Katherine Luzion can be found on Volii Alpha within the Volii System. The activity gets triggered while exploring Neon. Once you locate Katherine and initiate a conversation, she’ll mention her husband’s recent and unexpected death, believed to be from a heart attack. However, she suspects there’s more to the story and will ask for your help in investigating. This conversation sets the stage for the mission titled “Unjustified.”