Navigating the vast universe of Starfield, you’ll come across various factions, each offering its own unique flavor to your space adventure. Among them is the Freestar Rangers. If you’ve ever dreamt of being a space cowboy, maintaining order in the cosmic frontier, this guide is for you as we discuss everything you need to know before and after joining Freestar Rangers faction in Starfield.


Who Are Freestar Rangers?

Before making the decision to join, it’s crucial to understand the essence of the Freestar Rangers. They are the embodiment of the “wild west” spirit in the cosmos, representing a stark contrast to the structured and bureaucratic United Colonies (UC). The Freestar Collective, with which the Rangers are allied, has a storied past, having engaged in a significant war with the UC. This conflict is not just a historical footnote; it actively influences the game’s narrative and missions.

The Rangers themselves are few in number, but they’ve earned a reputation for being formidable. Their limited presence means that each Ranger is worth their weight in gold, capable of handling situations that would typically require a larger force in other factions.

Should You Join Freestar Rangers

Deciding to join a faction in Starfield is more than just a gameplay choice; it’s a reflection of how you envision your journey through the cosmos. The Freestar Rangers, with their rugged ethos and challenging missions, offer a unique experience. But is it the right fit for you?


1. Aligning with Ideals: As stated before, Starfield’s The Freestar Rangers faction is the embodiment of the “wild west” in space. If you resonate with the idea of being a space cowboy, upholding the law in a vast and often lawless frontier, the Rangers might be your calling. They stand in stark contrast to the more structured factions, representing freedom, autonomy, and a bit of rebellion.

2. Questline Depth: The Freestar Rangers’ questline is rich and immersive. It offers a blend of action, strategy, and moral choices. If you’re looking for a storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this faction delivers.

3. Rewards: Beyond the tangible rewards like the Star Eagle Ship and the Modified Pistol, joining the Rangers offers a sense of accomplishment. The achievements unlocked through their questline are badges of honor, marking significant milestones in your Starfield journey.

4. Potential Conflicts: Every choice in Starfield has consequences. Aligning with the Freestar Rangers might put you at odds with other factions, especially those allied with the United Colonies. If you’re looking to maintain a neutral or friendly stance with the UC, this is a factor to consider, it is not recommend that you join The Freestar Rangers in Starfield.


5. Replay Value: Starfield is a game that encourages multiple playthroughs, with each faction offering a different perspective. Joining the Freestar Rangers in one playthrough provides a distinct experience, adding depth and variety to your overall Starfield journey.

How To Join The Freestar Rangers In Starfield

If the idea of being a space cowboy appeals to you, then the Freestar Rangers might be your calling. To align yourself with them, you’ll need to progress in the game until you reach Main Mission 03, aptly titled “The Empty Nest.” During this mission, an opportunity presents itself in the form of the “Deputized” mission. Accepting and successfully completing this mission is your ticket into the Freestar Rangers. Not only will you gain membership, but you’ll also unlock the “Deputized” achievement, marking your official induction.

Freestar Rangers Questline

Once you’re a Ranger, a series of missions await you, each offering a deeper insight into the faction’s ethos and challenges. The questline is as follows:

  • Job Gone Wrong: An introductory mission that sets the tone for the challenges ahead.
  • Deputized: The pivotal mission where you earn your stripes as a Ranger.
  • Where Hope is Built: A mission that underscores the Rangers’ commitment to bringing hope to the systems they protect.
  • Shadows in Neon: Dive into the underbelly of the space frontier and confront the challenges lurking in the shadows.
  • On The Run: A high-octane mission that tests your mettle as a Ranger.
  • Surgical Strike: As the name suggests, precision is key in this mission.
  • First to Fight, First to Die: A mission that epitomizes the Rangers’ readiness to lay down their lives for their cause.
  • The Hammer Falls: The climax of the questline, where choices made have lasting consequences.

Reaping the Rewards

Being a Ranger is not just about the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of upholding the law; there are tangible rewards too. Completing the Freestar Rangers questline grants players the Star Eagle Ship, a testament to their achievements. Additionally, players receive a Modified Pistol, a weapon befitting a Ranger. The amount of credits rewarded varies based on the choices players make in the final mission, adding an element of strategy to the questline.


Furthermore, players unlock a series of Starfield achievements, including “Deputized,” “Surgical Strike,” and “The Hammer Falls,” each marking significant milestones in the Ranger journey.


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