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The bustling universe of Starfield is filled with countless missions, and among them is the intriguing faction quest titled “Job Gone Wrong.” This faction quest, originating in Akila City, is tied to the Freestar Collective faction and is a part of the overarching quest “The Empty Nest.” In this guide, I will walk you through all objectives for Job Gone Wrong and how to complete them.

Starfield Job Gone Wrong Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: The Empty Nest Main Quest
  • Reward: 150XP, 3800 Credits

Report to Hadrian

The faction quest begins in Akila City, a hub of activity and intrigue. Upon your arrival, you’ll quickly learn from the city guard about a tense hostage situation unfolding within the GalBank. As you approach the scene, you’ll encounter a small crowd gathered opposite the bank. Among them is Daniel Blake, a key figure in this unfolding drama. Engaging with him will provide you with a clearer picture of the situation: the notorious Shaw gang has taken hostages inside the bank. The atmosphere is thick with tension, and every decision you make could tip the scales.

Convince the Bank Robbers to Surrender

Your first major challenge is to negotiate with the bank robbers, led by Jed Bullock. Approaching the bank’s intercom, you’ll initiate a dialogue with Bullock, aiming to persuade him and his crew to release their hostages peacefully. This task is no walk in the park, especially if you haven’t invested heavily in your Persuasion Skill. The conversation is a delicate dance, with eight bars to fill in just three turns. However, fear not! Regardless of the outcome of this negotiation, your rewards from Daniel Blake at the quest’s conclusion will remain unchanged. For those seeking a swift resolution, convincing the robbers to surrender is the optimal route. But if you’re in the mood for a bit more action and potential loot, you might consider deliberately failing the persuasion attempt.


If you convince them to surrender, 3800 credits will be yours.

Alternative Approaches

If your words fail to sway the robbers, Daniel Blake will provide you with a key to the bank’s back door, offering a more direct approach to the situation. You have two primary entry points: the front door, which requires another round of persuasion, or the back door, where you can catch the robbers off guard. Both paths lead to the same outcome, but for those looking to save time and effort, the back door is the recommended choice.

Engage the Robbers

Once inside, it’s time to take action. Whether you’ve entered through the front or the back, your objective remains clear: eliminate every member of the Shaw gang, including their leader. As you navigate the bank’s interior, be prepared for intense combat scenarios. And once the dust has settled, don’t forget to scour the area for valuable items left behind by the fallen robbers.

With the bank robbers dealt with, it’s time to report back to Daniel Blake. Depending on your actions and choices, he will either commend you for your peaceful resolution or acknowledge your more direct approach. Either way, a reward awaits you, bringing the “Job Gone Wrong” quest to a close.