Skills in Starfield depend on your XP and how quickly you can level up. You want to level up fast in order to gain access to skills as fast as possible. Unlocking these skills takes time if you are going through the game as you normally would. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can gain a lot of XP fast. In this Starfield guide, we go over an infinite XP glitch that will help you level up fast.


Infinite XP Glitch In Starfield

To take advantage of the infinite XP glitch in Starfield, you need to head over to Vega and then land on Vega II-e. You wind to find an area on the surface that has Cobalt and Nickel. We recommend heading over to Venus instead if you have progressed through the game fairly, but if you are just starting off, then you can head over to Vega II-e.

Once you have found a spot where there is ample Cobalt and Nickel, you should install some extractors to mine these resources. You should have them connected to power so that they work. Wind Turbines are cheap and easy to power up your machines. You should also connect storage so that all the resources are collected inside a single storage unit.

Finally, you want to put down an Industrial Workbench and a bed right next to it. Now you can sleep and progress time 24 hours. Interact with the Industrial Workbench and craft Isocentered Magnet. Craft as many of these as you can. These are pretty cheap to craft and only cost a single unit of Nickel and Cobalt each. Each magnet that you craft rewards you with XP. Rinse and repeat this process to gain an infinite amount of XP fast in Starfield.


This is not going to be the most efficient way of leveling up once you are higher than level 40, but if you are at a lower level, then this method will help you gain a few levels very quickly.

This is the Starfield infinite XP glitch that you should take advantage of early on. To learn more about the game, check out our guide on how you can remove the stolen tag from items. For more content, check out our Starfield guides hub.


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