Having a capable crew becomes crucial as you venture into space in Starfield. At the beginning, your ship can accommodate a handful of crewmen. Luckily, increasing this number is fairly simple as long as you complete some pre-requisites. There are multiple ways using which you can customize your ship to accommodate more crew members. In this guide, we will cover over everything you need to know about increasing the crew size in Starfield.


Starfield Increase Crew Size

There are several important factors to consider when expanding your crew i.e.:

  • Ship Command
  • Cockpit / Hab
  • Reactor, Weapon, Engine, and Shield

Optimizing each of these elements is essential to maximizing your crew capacity.

Ship Command

Ship Command plays an important role in determining your crew size. It belongs to the Social tree and is one of the best skills in Starfield. This increases the maximum number of crew members you can have on your ship. At rank 1, you can have 4 members, while at rank 4, this number increases to 8.


Cockpit / Hab

Although you can only have one cockpit, you can add multiple Hab Modules to increase the number of crewmen. It is important to select the modules which provide the highest capacity. A good example of this is the Kon-Tiki B-500 Bridge that can be purchased from Neon’s Stroud-Ecklund. You can combine this with any decent Hab Module to increase the capacity even further.

Reactor, Weapon, Engine, and Shield

Each of these modules has a specific value that will increase the overall size of your crew. Here is a brief rundown of these modules:


This is everything we have on how to increase the crew size in Starfield. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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