Starfield players will come across various challenges and puzzles that test their wits and knowledge of the game’s lore. One such puzzle is the Unity Ancient Ruins puzzle, found on the planet Hyla II. This guide will walk you through the steps to solve this intriguing puzzle and uncover the secrets it holds.


The Unity Ancient Ruins puzzle is encountered during the later stages of the Starfield campaign. Players will find themselves interacting with religious leaders and traveling to different planets in search of the mysterious Pilgrim. The quest begins after the pivotal moment in the campaign titled “A High Price to Pay.” Players will learn of a cryptic message related to the Starborn, and Matteo in The Lodge will provide further information.

How To Solve The Unity Ancient Ruins Puzzle

  1. Meeting with Matteo: Start by talking to Matteo, who will mention Keeper Aquilus.
  2. Visit Sanctum Universum: Head to the Sanctum Universum building located to your left when you arrive at the MAST District. Keeper Aquilus will share a legend about a Pilgrim who once communicated with the leaders of the three religious groups in the galaxy.
  3. House of the Enlightened: Proceed to the House of the Enlightened building in The Well and have a conversation with Singh.
  4. SysDef Compound: Make your way to the SysDef compound and request to speak with Mir’za, a follower of the Great Serpent.
  5. Return to Aquilus: After gathering information, return to Aquilus. He will reveal that each part of the legend indicates the coordinates of the Pilgrim’s settlement.

Pilgrim’s Computer Puzzle

Travel to Indum II in the Indum system, where you’ll discover a settlement named Pilgrim’s Rest. Scattered around are books, each offering a clue for the Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer puzzle. Here are the answers to the questions:

  • What is the burden of people? Answer: People are necessary, but people are madness.
  • Who is your most formidable opponent? Answer: Myself.
  • Where does enduring contentment come from? Answer: In stopping, embracing compassion.

Inside a small room, players will find the “Trackers Primer 02,” a magazine that boosts EM weapon damage by 5%. Additionally, the Pilgrim’s Final Writing document is present, that leads to the next puzzle area.


Solving the Ancient Ruins Puzzle on Hyla II

After landing on Hyla II, players will spot an alien structure in the distance, surrounded by mantis-like creatures. Thankfully, these creatures aren’t harmful so you can move around them with no issues. As players approach the structure, they’ll observe a constellation with glyph controls that manipulate a beam of light. The Pilgrim’s hint, “The scorpion’s sting hides the truth,” is crucial here. Players should move the beam to illuminate the tip of the scorpion’s tail (its stinger). Successfully doing this will guide players to the subsequent phase of the quest. Refer to video below for the exact solution:

A Surprise Encounter

The next destination is Oborum III in the Oborum Prime system. As players grav jump to orbit, a ship will hail them, leading to a reunion with two familiar faces. This encounter concludes the Unity Ancient Ruins puzzle in Starfield. One of the characters met at the end will hand over the Moon Base Key, setting the stage for the mission titled “Unearthed.”