Starfield vendors are the primary source for buying and selling items, from weapons to resources. However, each vendor has a finite amount of credits, limiting the transactions you can make. Once a vendor’s credits are exhausted, you need to wait for them to refresh their credits before you can continue trading.


Vendors in Starfield operate on a consistent schedule when it comes to refreshing their credits and inventory. However, the game introduces a unique twist: the concept of Local Time. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Local Time Dynamics: In Starfield, time is relative to specific planets. This means that time can pass differently on each planet. For instance, a day on one planet might equate to ten days on another. This relativity can affect the perceived consistency of vendor resets.
  • Vendor Reset Schedule: Vendors refresh their credits after every 24 hours of Local Time. Their inventories, on the other hand, get a refresh after 48 hours of Local Time. It’s crucial to note that these resets are based on the Local Time of the planet where the vendor is located.
  • Effects of Time Zones: Due to the varying time zones on different planets, where you decide to wait can significantly impact the time required for a vendor reset. For the most efficient reset, it’s recommended to wait on the same planet as the vendor.

How To Speed Up Vendor Resets

While the concept of Local Time can seem daunting, players can use it to their advantage:

Some planets in Starfield have a slower passage of time compared to others. By spending time on such a planet, players can effectively reset vendors on other planets in a shorter duration. For instance, spending a few hours on a slow-time planet might equate to a full day on another planet, allowing for a quicker vendor credit reset.


A common reason players might want to reset a vendor’s inventory is to acquire crafting resources. By understanding the dynamics of Universal Time and Local Time, players can strategize their crafting sessions. For example, after buying out a vendor’s inventory on one planet, players can travel to another planet with a different time passage, craft items, and by the time they return, the vendor’s inventory would have refreshed.

While players can simply sit and wait for 24 hours for a vendor credit reset, using the game’s travel mechanics can be more efficient and engaging. Traveling between planets with different time zones can expedite the reset process, making it a more interactive experience than merely waiting.