Starfield,” players often seek to enhance their gameplay experience by modifying or completely removing certain character traits. Whether you’re navigating the streets of New Atlantis, seeking guidance from Andy Singh at the Church of the Enlightened, or considering a visit to a surgical center, our guide provides a comprehensive roadmap.


Starfield Traits List

  • Empath
  • Extrovert
  • Freestar Collective Settler
  • Introvert
  • Kid Stuff
  • Neon Street Rat
  • Raised Enlightened
  • Raised Universal
  • Serpent’s Embrace
  • Spaced
  • Taskmaster
  • Terra Firma
  • United Colonies Native
  • Wanted

How To Remove All Traits

TraitHow To Remove
EmpathVisit any surgical center and invest 10,000 credits for a procedure that will erase the Empath trait from your avatar.
ExtrovertFind Andy Singh at the Church of the Enlightened in The Well, New Atlantis. A heartfelt chat with Andy will allow you to discard the Extrovert trait.
Freestar CollectiveA conversation with the Mayor of Akila City will guide you on the steps to relinquish the Freestar Collective Settler trait.
Hero WorshippedEngage with the Adoring Fan and request them to depart.
Alternatively, opt for a severe measure by confronting and eliminating the Adoring Fan.
IntrovertMuch like its counterpart, the Extrovert trait, Andy Singh in The Well, New Atlantis, can help you shed the Introvert trait.
Kid StuffDiscuss your financial constraints with your in-game parents, prompting them to relocate, thereby removing the Kid Stuff trait.
Neon Street RatAt Madam Sauvage in Ebbside, Neon City, the bartender awaits to assist you in discarding the Neon Street Rat trait.
Raised EnlightenedRevisit Andy Signh in New Atlantis and convey your decision to abandon the House of the Enlightened.
Raised UniversalKeeper Aquilis in New Atlantis will guide you on renouncing the Sanctum Universum, erasing the Raised Universal trait.
Serpent’s EmbraceIn the UC Security Office of New Atlantis, Mir’za can help you shed the Serpent’s Embrace trait.
Spaced & Terra FirmaBoth these traits can be medically removed at a Reliant Medical Surgery Center for a fee of 10,000 credits.
TaskmasterAndy Singh, once again in The Well, New Atlantis, can guide you on relinquishing the Taskmaster trait.
United Colonies NativeIn the MAST District of New Atlantis, Administrator Rookes will assist you in discarding the United Colonies Native trait.
WantedLocate a Bounty Hunter in either New Atlantis or The Well and settle your dues of 3,000 credits to clear your name and the Wanted trait.
Alien DNAVisit Reliant Medical to remove it for 10,000 Credits.
Dream HomeTo remove the Dream Home Trait in Starfield you need to visit Landry Hollifield at Galbank in New Atlantis. During your conversation say that “‘I want to talk about my house on Nesoi” and then say “The bank can have the house. Go ahead and foreclose.”


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