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Starfield’s Aurora is an opportunity that has piqued the interest of many because it is the chance to manufacture and sell a space drug known as Aurora, and make a ton of money doing so. This guide will walk you through the steps to unlock the Aurora recipe and delve into the feasibility of becoming an Aurora baron in the game.

Aurora Drug Crafting Recipe In Starfield

The path to unlocking the Aurora recipe is intertwined with the ‘Supply Line’ quest. But before you can embark on this quest, you’ll need to complete two prerequisites: the ‘Loose Ends’ and ‘Fishy Business’ quests, both located in the city of Neon.

Upon arriving at Neon, ‘Loose Ends’ will be readily available. As for ‘Fishy Business’, it serves as a tutorial, teaching you how to produce Unprocessed Aurora. Once these quests are out of the way, a conversation with Yannick Legrande will kickstart the ‘Supply Line’ quest, setting you on the path to mastering the Aurora recipe.


Yannick, eager to get more Aurora, will ask you to do another shift at Xenofresh Fisheries. If you’ve done the previous quests, this process will be familiar. Start by using the Assembly Activator at Xenofresh Fisheries. From there, gather the necessary ingredients from the conveyor belt: 1x Benzene, 1x Stimulant, 2x Hallucinogens, and 1x Chasmbass Oil. With these in hand, head to the Pharmaceutical Lab to produce Unprocessed Aurora. Once crafted, deposit it in the hopper at the back of the room. Continue this process until your shift concludes.

After your shift, a chat with Robie in the break room will provide you with coordinates leading to your next stash of Aurora for Yannick. Follow the quest marker, retrieve the package, and deliver it to Legrande‚Äôs Liqueurs. Upon successful delivery, the ‘Supply Line’ quest concludes, granting you the coveted Aurora recipe. While this marks the end of your dealings with Yannick Legrande for the time being, the doors to Xenofresh Fisheries remain open should you wish to return.

Crafting and Selling Aurora: Is It Worth It?

With the Aurora recipe in hand, the next logical step might be to manufacture and sell it. But is it a lucrative venture? To craft Aurora, you’ll need 1x Benzene, 2x Hallucinogens, 1x Stimulant, and 1x Chasmbass Oil. While the first three ingredients are relatively easy to source by farming planets and animals, Chasmbass Oil proves to be a challenge. The primary method of obtaining it involves fishing beneath the city of Neon, specifically below Xenofresh Fisheries. However, this method is time-consuming and not always fruitful.

When it comes to selling Aurora, the returns might not be as enticing as one would hope. The selling price doesn’t offer a significant profit, especially if you’ve purchased the ingredients. In fact, some players have found that they end up incurring a loss. So, while the idea of becoming a space drug overlord might sound appealing, the reality is far from the lucrative empire some might envision.


For those still holding onto the dream of an Aurora empire in Starfield, there’s always hope that modders might enhance the experience. Until then, it might be worth exploring other ventures in the game.

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