Starfield players encounter a plethora of choices, shaping their journey across the stars. Among these choices, the decision to align with a faction stands paramount, influencing narratives, alliances, and gameplay dynamics. The UC Vanguard, a prominent faction, beckons players with its allure. But what does it truly mean to join their ranks, and what benefits await those who do? In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know on how to join the UC Vanguard faction but more importantly, should you join UC Vanguard?


Should You Join UC Vanguard?

The UC Vanguard faction, a distinguished entity within Starfield, often piques the curiosity of players. But is it worth aligning with them?

Absolutely! Joining the United Colonies Vanguard in Starfield is a decision that comes with numerous advantages. Firstly, pledging allegiance to any faction doesn’t restrict you from exploring affiliations with others. This flexibility ensures that players can experience diverse narratives and benefits across the board. Moreover, being a part of multiple factions can enrich interactions with NPCs and companions, unlocking unique dialogue options that lead to more layered and engaging conversations.

In essence, committing to the UC Vanguard not only offers a captivating questline but also enhances the overall depth of your Starfield experience.


How To Join UC Vanguard in Starfield

Joining the UC Vanguard is a straightforward process, but it does require you to prove your mettle and find Tuala.

Where to Find Commander Tuala

Commander Tuala is your gateway to the UC Vanguard. Meeting him is a breeze as he’s introduced during an early story mission. After acquainting yourself at the Lodge in New Atlantis, Sarah will introduce you to various figures, including Tuala. While he’ll pitch the idea of joining the Vanguard, your decision at this juncture won’t lock you out of the opportunity later. If the immediate option to join isn’t presented, simply revisit Tuala after your mission with Sarah or exit and re-enter the zone

Proving your worth to Tuala doesn’t involve a galaxy-wide quest. Instead, he’ll direct you to a nearby floor, marked by your objective icon, to participate in a space combat simulator. Engaging with the UC historical exhibit terminals along the way is recommended, as it not only enriches your understanding of Starfield’s lore but also seems to enhance Tuala’s impression of you, potentially leading to better quest rewards. Your primary objective is to triumph in three consecutive rounds of the simulator. While the initial rounds are manageable, the third might test your skills, especially if you’re new to the game’s combat mechanics.

Perks of Joining UC Vanguard

The allure of the UC Vanguard goes beyond its reputation; it offers tangible benefits that can significantly enhance your journey in Starfield:


1. Engaging Terromorph Questline:
By aligning with the Vanguard, players unlock access to the Terromorph questline. While it starts with the seemingly basic Grunt Work quest, it quickly evolves, introducing players to intriguing characters and a gripping narrative centered around an extraterrestrial menace.

2. A Home in Jemison:
Membership in the Vanguard isn’t just about quests and combat; it’s also about belonging. As a UC citizen, players qualify for housing. After delving into the Vanguard’s storyline and completing the “Friends Like These” quest, players can liaise with a real estate agent to acquire a cozy apartment in The Well, a prime location in Jemison.

These perks, combined with the faction’s rich history and ethos, make the UC Vanguard an enticing choice.

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