Starfield players are presented with a myriad of choices, including the decision to align with various factions. Each faction offers its own unique experiences, rewards, and storylines. Among these, the Ryujin Industries Faction stands out as a prominent and intriguing choice. But the question arises: should you join them, and if so, how? Let’s delve into the details.

How to join the Ryujin faction.

Should You Join the Ryujin Faction?

Ryujin Industries, similar to the UC Vanguard, is portrayed as a financially driven, affluent, and goal-oriented megacorporation in Starfield. Their allure is undeniable, but joining their ranks isn’t a straightforward endeavor. There are challenges to face and hurdles to overcome. However, for players with a determination matching that of the faction, the rewards can be substantial. So should you join? Yes!

How to Join the Ryujin Faction

Your journey to becoming a member of Ryujin Industries begins with finding a Ryujin kiosk. These kiosks, identifiable by their distinct red color, serve as recruitment points. One such kiosk is conveniently located near the MAST Building in Jemison, a short distance from the Lodge. By listening to the entire pitch presented at the kiosk, you’ll unlock the recruitment quest. Engaging with the kiosk initiates the application process.

The Application and Interview

While the application poses a series of questions, your responses won’t significantly impact the outcome. After completing the application, you’ll be directed to meet Imogene Salzo at Neon, situated in the Volii system. Reaching Neon might require a bit of interstellar navigation, but once there, head to the tower and take the elevator to Operations. Here, you’ll find Imogene’s office.


During your interaction with Imogene, you’ll be presented with various dialogue options. Regardless of your choices, you’ll be offered a position on a probationary basis. Your initial task? Fetching coffee for a meeting at Terrabrew.

Dealing with Tomo

Upon arriving at Terrabrew to collect the coffee order, you’ll encounter Tomo, the individual you’re set to replace. This meeting can go one of two ways: you can either engage in a peaceful conversation, convincing him to step down, or confront him more aggressively. The choice is yours.

Official Induction

After handling the situation with Tomo and delivering the coffee, return to Imogene to report on the events. Following this debrief, you’ll be formally inducted into Ryujin Industries. With your new position, you’ll be immediately assigned your first mission. Whether you choose to embark on it right away or explore the vastness of Starfield further is up to you

Joining the Ryujin Industries Faction in Starfield offers players a unique storyline filled with challenges, decisions, and rewards. While the path to membership might have its twists and turns, the experience is undeniably enriching for those who choose to align with this powerful megacorporation.