Managing your ship’s cargo capacity in Starfield is crucial for explorers and traders alike. Starfield offers players the opportunity to enhance their ship’s storage through the Tech Skill tree, specifically the Payloads skill. This Advanced Tech Skill is dedicated to maximizing cargo space, ensuring you can carry more loot, resources, and equipment on your interstellar journeys. With four ranks available, the Payloads skill allows players to increase their ship cargo holds by up to 50%. Whether you’re looking to optimize your trading routes or simply want to hoard treasures from distant planets, understanding how to boost your Starfield cargo capacity is essential. Dive into our guide to learn more about cargo enhancement and other related storage upgrades.


How to Increase Your Ship’s Cargo Capacity

Payloads is a Tier 2 Advanced Tech Skill that focuses on maximizing the capacity of cargo holds in your ship. Every pilot can transport goods, but with the right training and determination, you can push the boundaries of how much your ship can hold.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits you gain as you invest skill points into Payloads:

  • Rank 1: Your ship’s cargo holds can accommodate 10% more items.
  • Rank 2: The capacity increases to 20%.
  • Rank 3: A significant jump, allowing for 30% more cargo.
  • Rank 4: A whopping 50% increase in cargo capacity.

This skill is not just about numbers; it’s about the freedom to explore without constantly worrying about running out of space. Whether you’re collecting rare artifacts from distant planets, stocking up on resources, or trading goods across star systems, maximizing your cargo space is crucial.


Additionally, while the Payloads skill directly impacts your ship’s cargo capacity, there are other ways to manage your inventory effectively. You can buy bigger ships with larger cargo capacity or add special modules that increase the size of your cargo hold. For example, Stormax20 Cargo Hold has cargo storage capacity of 210.

Why Cargo Capacity Matters in Starfield

The importance of cargo capacity is evident in several scenarios:

  • Inventory Management: With a limited carrying capacity, players often find themselves making tough decisions about what to keep and what to discard. Efficient inventory management becomes essential, especially when far from a storage facility or outpost.
  • Trading and Crafting: For players engaged in trading or crafting, cargo space determines how many goods they can transport or how many resources they can gather in one trip. A larger cargo capacity can mean more significant profits and fewer trips between trading posts.
  • Exploration: Starfield is rich in items and resources. A higher cargo capacity allows players to explore longer without having to return to a base or ship to offload items, making exploration more seamless.
  • Game Progression: Certain missions or tasks might require players to transport goods or collect specific items. Having a larger cargo space can make these missions easier and more efficient.


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