In Starfield, every player’s journey is unique, filled with countless challenges, mysteries, and opportunities. As you traverse through space, encounter alien species, and uncover the secrets of the cosmos, one thing remains constant: the need for survival. A significant aspect of ensuring your character’s longevity and readiness for the myriad of challenges that lie ahead is by increasing max health in Starfield. But how do you increase max health in Starfield?


This guide will go into the entire process of increasing health in Starfield, from the important Wellness Skill to Alien DNA trait and beyond.

All Methods Of Increasing Max Health In Starfield

The Wellness Skill in Starfield plays a pivotal role in determining your character’s health. By investing skill points into Wellness, you can significantly boost your maximum health. Every point you allocate to this skill increases your health, ensuring you can withstand more damage and face tougher challenges head-on.

Wellness Skill Effects And Ranks

1NoviceIncreased max healthRank 1: +10% max health.

Rank 2: +20% max health.

Rank 3: +30% max health.

Rank 4: +40% max health.

Get The Alien DNA Trait

Another intriguing way to enhance your health is by acquiring the Alien DNA trait. This trait augments your overall health and endurance. However, it’s essential to note that while the Alien DNA trait gives a substantial health boost, it comes with a trade-off: it reduces the effectiveness of healing items. This trait can be chosen during character creation, so players need to weigh the benefits against the potential drawbacks.


Crafting And Pharmacology

Starfield offers various methods to restore lost health. One of the primary ways is by consuming food and drinks. Each consumable has its unique effects, from restoring health to increasing oxygen levels. Some might even decrease your HP over time, so it’s vital to choose wisely. Players can find food while exploring or even steal from adversaries.

Additionally, the game introduces a crafting element under the Pharmacology section. While the exact details are still a bit murky, it seems players will need specific resources to craft items that can aid in health restoration.

Best Skills For Healing

  • Unlock Weight Lifting skill under the Physical Skill Tree because as it allows you to carry more items such as HP vials and stamina potions.
  • Unlock Nutrition skill under the Physical Skill Tree as it boosts the effectiveness of Food and Drinks. This means you will get additional HP, O2, and Stamina from Food and Drinks if you have Nutrition Skill.
  • Unlock Cellular Regeneration as it allows your character to naturally heal themself when injured.
  • Decontamination is another perk you can use to boost survivability. This skill allows your character to have increased natural healing when infected.
  • Rejuvenation is a skill that gives passive healing in and out of combat.

Ensuring your character’s health is paramount in Starfield. Whether you’re investing in the Wellness Skill, choosing the Alien DNA trait, or utilizing the game’s crafting and consumption mechanics, there are multiple ways to increase and restore health. Make sure to combine the Wellness Skill with other healing skills to get the maximum effect in Starfield.