Starfield, with its vast expanse of space and numerous celestial bodies, offers players a plethora of unique locations to explore. Among these is the mysterious Vulture’s Roost, a location that promises unique rewards and challenges. This guide will walk you through the steps to find and navigate Vulture’s Roost.


Where To Find Vulture’s Roost In Starfield

Vulture’s Roost is situated in the Jaffa system. For reference, it’s adjacent to the Porrima system and lies to the south of the Kryx system. Other nearby systems include Ophiuchi, Marae, and Schrodinger. Once you’re in the Jaffa system, set your sights on the planet Jaffa IV. This is where Vulture’s Roost is can be found in Starfield.

Be prepared for a confrontation when you get to Vulture’s Roost. The location is guarded by Ecliptic Mercenaries who aren’t particularly thrilled about uninvited guests. Equip yourself accordingly and be ready for a skirmish.

Vulture’s Roost Rewards

  • The Dagger Ship: As you delve deeper into Vulture’s Roost, you’ll encounter a large hangar teeming with adversaries. During your exploration, a ship known as the Dagger will make its landing within the hangar. After dealing with its crew, the Dagger is yours for the taking. Simply sit in the captain’s chair to claim it.
  • Ship Specifications: The Dagger is classified as a Class A ship. This means players don’t require advanced levels in the Piloting skill to operate it. However, while it might offer a slight advantage over the default Frontier ship, it’s not the most formidable vessel in the game. If you’re well into your Starfield journey, you might find better alternatives elsewhere.

Note: Starfield boasts a variety of ships that players can acquire without spending a dime. For a comprehensive list, consider checking out guides dedicated to detailing all free ships in Starfield.