Neon, with its grungy neon aesthetic, offers players a unique cyberpunk vibe, standing out as one of the three major cities in Starfield. While New Atlantis serves as the primary hub world and Akila City plays a pivotal role in the Artifact quest, Neon remains a bit elusive, often leaving players intrigued about its exact location and the treasures it holds. In this guide, we will go through the process of getting to Neon in Starfield.


Neon Location In Starfield

Neon is nestled within the Volii system, a mere stone’s throw away from the Alpha Centauri system where players first set foot in New Atlantis. The Volii system, with its level 5 requirement, is a treasure trove of planets. However, for those eager to explore Neon, the destination is the planet Volii Alpha. Here, amidst the vastness of space, lies Neon, waiting to be discovered.

For players who prefer to let the story guide their journey, the main mission titled “All That Money Can Buy” will eventually lead them to Neon. In this mission, players assist Walter Stroud in securing an Artifact, and the questline naturally brings them to this enigmatic city.

Things To Know About Neon

Unlike the conventional cities in Starfield, Neon shares more similarities with an oil platform, primarily because it’s situated on an entirely aquatic planet. Originally, this platform was under the ownership of Xenofresh Fisheries, a company dedicated to fishing. However, the discovery of a native fish with psychotropic effects changed the city’s fate. This fish was the key ingredient for the drug Aurora, and soon, the platform transformed into a hub for Aurora’s production and sale. Over time, this fishing platform evolved into the pleasure city known as Neon.


One of the most fascinating aspects of Neon is its energy source. The city harnesses power from lightning, thanks to a massive shroud that envelops it. Given that it’s perpetually raining in Neon, lightning frequently strikes the shroud, converting this natural phenomenon into the city’s electricity. It’s an ingenious way to maintain energy efficiency in a city that never sleeps.

Things To Do In Neon

Neon, often referred to as the “pleasure city,” offers a myriad of activities and experiences for players to indulge in:

  1. Aurora Drug Trade: Neon’s primary attraction is the production and sale of the drug Aurora, made from a native fish with psychotropic effects. Players can choose to engage in this trade, either by purchasing the drug or getting involved in its distribution.
  2. Nightlife and Entertainment: Neon’s nightlife is vibrant and bustling. With numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment venues, players can immerse themselves in the city’s unique cyberpunk culture.
  3. Exploration: Beyond its neon-lit streets, Neon has various hidden spots and secrets waiting to be discovered. Exploring the city can lead to unexpected encounters and quests.
  4. Interactions with NPCs: Neon is home to a diverse set of characters, each with their own stories and quests. Engaging with these NPCs can provide deeper insights into Neon’s history and its transformation from a fishing platform to a pleasure city.
  5. Trade and Commerce: Given its reputation as a hub for the Aurora drug trade, Neon has a thriving market. Players can engage in trade, purchase unique items, or even set up their own ventures.
  6. Witness the Lightning Shroud: One of Neon’s technological marvels is its lightning shroud. Players can observe this phenomenon, where lightning strikes are converted into the city’s electricity, offering a visual spectacle.


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