In the vast universe of Starfield, players have the opportunity to acquire various types of apparel, each providing unique benefits and style. One such item is the Striker Streetwear, a common apparel that not only enhances your character’s look but also offers defensive stats beneficial for your cosmic journeys. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain the Striker Streetwear in Starfield.


During the Ebbside Strikers faction mission known as “The Showdown,” players have the option to betray the Strikers. This can be done by engaging in a conversation with one of the Disciples, Holt, and selecting the dialogue option “I could use credits. But you can keep the dumpster.” Following this choice, players will receive a new objective to betray the Strikers. Proceed to Madame Sauvage’s Place and eliminate the Striker leaders. It’s important to note that the Striker Streetwear is a random drop from these leaders, so it’s advisable to create a save point that you can revert to before you start this encounter, ensuring you don’t miss out on the apparel.

Striker Streetwear can also be found in various random locations throughout the game world. Keep an eye out for crates, check corpses, and visit different vendors who might have this item available for sale.

For players who prefer a quicker method, Striker Streetwear can be spawned using console commands. The item code for Striker Streetwear is 00064A2E. By entering the command player.additem 00064A2E in the console, players can instantly add this apparel to their inventory.

Striker Streetwear Stats

  • Defensive Stats: Striker Streetwear provides the following resistances:
    • Physical: 5
    • Energy: 20
    • Electromagnetic: 10
    • Thermal: 10
    • Corrosive: 15
    • Radiation: 0 (not resistant)
  • Bonus Effects: Equipping the Striker Streetwear grants players a +5% increase in Critical Damage.
  • Basic Stats:
    • Mass: 1.00
    • Value: 132

Striker Streetwear Mods

RelaxedActions use -5% O20013DDF7
Resourceful+5 Carry Capacity0013DDFC
Commanding+5% Intimidation chance0013DDE2
Tailored+5% O2 Recovery0013DDFE
Sanctums BlessingHealth slowly regenerates while in lower than Earth gravity000FFDBC
Resilient+10 Health0013DDFB
Analytical+5% chance of Research Sudden Developments0013DDE1
Stealth LiningBecome 25% harder to detect002EC4B9
Influential 2+10% Persuasion chance0013DDF6
Versatile+5 Health and O20013DE00
Renegade+5% Critical Damage0013DDF9
RestorativeMedical items restore +5% Health0013DDFD
Disciplined+5% Reload Speed0013DDE3
Weapon DesignerChance to craft weapon mods without using resources000FF7F9
Influential+5% Persuasion chance0013DDF5

If you prefer a more formal look, I suggest getting the SysDef Formal Uniform from the UC Vanguard.