Cobalt, represented by the symbol “Co”, is an uncommon yet essential resource in Starfield. This material is pivotal for crafting various recipes, aiding players in their cosmic journey. If you’re on the hunt for Cobalt, you’re in luck! This guide will detail every method to obtain this resource, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your space adventures.


Planetary Mining

Cobalt can be found on various planets and moons, many of which are accessible early in the game. Here are some notable locations where Cobalt is abundant:

  • Triton (Sol System)
  • Venus (Sol System)
  • Vos (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Lovell (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Zamka (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Hawley (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Montara Luna (Cheyenne System)
  • Bismark (Cheyenne System)

When you’re on these celestial bodies, Cobalt deposits are scattered across their surfaces. To mine them, use your Cutter, which will automatically transfer the mined Cobalt to your inventory. For a more efficient mining experience, employ a hand scanner. This device will highlight areas rich in Cobalt, allowing you to mark optimal spots for outposts.

Outpost Extraction

Setting up an outpost on Cobalt-rich locations can be a game-changer. By placing the necessary extractor over a Cobalt vein, you can passively accumulate this resource. If you’re planning on gathering large quantities, consider crafting storage units. These will hold additional resources, maximizing the benefits of your mining trips. Occasionally, you might stumble upon Cobalt in crates or on fallen adversaries. However, these are random drops and might not be the most reliable source.


Note: You need the cutter tool to mine Cobalt in Starfield.

Vendor Purchases

If you’re looking for a quick and hassle-free method, purchasing Cobalt from vendors is the way to go. Several vendors across the settled systems offer Cobalt for sale. Some of the more accessible vendors early in the game include:

  • Midtown Minerals in Akila City
  • Mining League in Neon City
  • UC Distribution Center in the commercial district of New Atlantis
  • Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis

It’s worth noting that the stock each vendor carries can vary, introducing an element of unpredictability in their offerings.

Pro Tip: The Mining League in Neon is a reliable vendor that stocks Cobalt. This location is easily accessible and offers a decent amount of the resource for purchase. Once you’ve bought all the Cobalt a vendor has to offer, there’s a simple trick to get them to restock. Just find a safe spot to rest for 48 hours. This duration ensures that enough in-game time has passed for vendors to replenish their stock. After your rest, return to the vendor, and you’ll find their Cobalt supplies refreshed. Continue this buy-rest-repeat cycle as many times as needed. With this method, you can amass a significant amount of Cobalt in a short time, ensuring you’re always prepared for any crafting or research needs.


Applications of Cobalt

Cobalt isn’t just a collectible; it has practical applications in Starfield:

  • Research Projects: Cobalt is a valuable resource for various research endeavors.
  • Weapon Mods Crafting: Enhance your weaponry by crafting mods using Cobalt.

In conclusion, Cobalt is a versatile resource in Starfield with multiple acquisition methods. Whether you choose to mine it from planets, extract it using outposts, or buy it from vendors, this guide ensures you’re well-prepared to obtain it.


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