In Starfield, players have encountered a bug related to the “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” quest. This bug prevents players from progressing in the quest, as Sergeant Yumi consistently greets them without initiating the mission. If you’re one of the players facing this issue, don’t worry. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to resolve the “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” bug.


The “Activities” quest titled “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” has been malfunctioning for some players. The character, Sergeant Yumi, consistently greets players without starting the mission. This becomes even more frustrating when players, after attempting to return to the task’s location later on, still can’t seem to access this objective.

How To Fix “Talk To Sergeant Yumi Bug

  1. Complete the Eyewitness Quest: The primary solution to this bug is to complete the “Eyewitness” quest. This quest seems to resolve the problem shortly after its completion. The reason behind this could be that the “Eyewitness” objective involves Sergeant Yumi, which might explain why the glitch occurred in the first place.
  2. Finish Other United Colonies Quests: If you’re still facing the bug after completing the “Eyewitness” quest, you might need to finish other quests related to the United Colonies, specifically with the UC Vanguard. After completing enough of these quests, you should be able to activate the “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” mission again, and Sergeant Yumi should be available for conversation.
  3. Engage with Sergeant Yumi for Work Opportunities: Once the bug is fixed, players can speak with Sergeant Yumi to unlock various work opportunities to earn credits. It’s also a good idea to check back with him periodically to see if there are any new tasks available.
  4. Triggering the Quest Again: As you explore Jemison, you might trigger another “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” Activities storyline. This is because other characters in the game suggest you see him. Sometimes, Sergeant Yumi might ask you to return at a later time. In such cases, wait until another soldier gives you the order to talk to him.

The “Talk to Sergeant Yumi” bug can be a hindrance to players looking to progress in Starfield. However, by following the steps mentioned above, you should be able to resolve the issue and continue your adventure in the vast expanse of space. If you encounter other bugs or issues in Starfield, it’s always a good idea to check for solutions on our Starfield Error and Tweaks wiki.


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