In Starfield, Bethesda has masterfully woven real-world history with the game’s fictional universe. One such gem is the Apollo 11 landing site, a tribute to humanity’s first steps on the moon. Here’s a detailed guide to help you locate this iconic site.


Bethesda’s Starfield offers players a chance to revisit a monumental moment in human history. As you navigate Luna in the Sol system, you might come across the Apollo Landmark, a nod to NASA’s real-world Apollo 11 Lunar mission. This isn’t just a mere easter egg; it’s a bridge between our world and the game’s universe.

How To Find Apollo 11 Landing Site

Your journey to the Apollo 11 site begins with Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal. This book, often found in The Lodge on Jemison, holds the key to unlocking the “Visit the Apollo Landmark on Luna” quest. While Starfield’s item locations can be random, many have reported finding the journal in The Lodge. Once you’ve read the journal, the quest becomes active, guiding you to your next destination.

With the quest in hand, Luna, Earth’s moon, beckons. As you approach, a landing site marker will guide your descent. If you’ve read Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal, a mission marker will also appear, ensuring you land at the right spot.


Upon landing, a familiar scene unfolds. The Lunar Excursion Module, a symbol of human ingenuity, stands against a backdrop of craters, with the American flag still waving, a testament to Earth’s past achievements. But that’s not all; a unique collectible awaits – the Apollo Snow Globe, complete with a miniature Lunar Module. While it might be tempting to sell this artifact, consider keeping it as a memento of your lunar adventure.

For those struggling to find Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal, console commands might come to the rescue. However, be warned: using these commands can disable achievements and label your saves as modded. If you decide to use them, proceed with caution. And while you’re at the site, don’t forget to capture the moment. The Apollo 11 landing site offers numerous photo opportunities, allowing you to immortalize your visit.


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