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In Starfield, side quests like “Hostile Intelligence” offer players a deep dive into the game’s intricate narrative and challenging scenarios. Set against the backdrop of New Atlantis, this quest thrusts you into the heart of an emergency, where the stakes are high, and every decision counts. This guide is here to walk you through every twist and turn, ensuring you’re well-prepared to tackle the Terrormorph threat and stand tall in the face of adversity.

Starfield Hostile Intelligence Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: War Relics Side Quest
  • Reward: 350XP, 12000

Your journey begins with a meeting with Hadrian after her interaction with Kaiser. Engage in a conversation with her to learn about the Aceles, creatures believed to be capable of combating the deadly Terrormorphs.

Proceed to the Command Post in Londinion

Set your course for the planet Toliman II within the Alpha Centauri star system. Once there, make your way to the Londinion Command Outpost. Here, Commander Hatoum will brief you on the mission ahead. After the briefing, Hadrian will provide further details on the exploration plan, emphasizing the importance of arming yourself with supplies from the armory. Whether you choose to heed this advice or proceed with your current gear is up to you. Meet Hadrian near the airlock to signal your readiness.


Allow Kaiser to Unlock the Airlock And Enter The City

Wait for Kaiser to unlock the airlock. Once it’s accessible, go inside and activate another switch to proceed further. The city awaits, and with it, the crucial Aceles Gene Samples. But as soon as you enter the city multiple enemies will attack. After clearing the area you can continue search for the samples.

Note: There is a base cache in the area that you can use to restock.

You will soon find three storage container, each with an Aceles Gene Sample. Each container has some resistance from enemies but nothing you can’t handle. Hand the samples over to Kaiser and head to the Steam Tunnels. Keep going into the tunnel and you will soon come across a broken window that allows you to observe the Lazarus Plant.

Observe The Plant And Kill The Terrormorph

Observe the plant where you will see Heatleech turn into Terromorph. Tell Hadrian what you saw and hunt down Terromorph. Once you kill the creature give the new sample to Kaiser to analyze. Speak with the team about the findings and then follow Kaiser to escape the place. You need to open a hatch to escape but it is out of power.


Restore Power To Spaceport Hatch

Go upstairs and restore the power from the utility controls inside the security room to reboot the System. Press the red button on the wall to do this. Meanwhile, Hadrian will mention that the voice in the recording is talking to Vae Victus. Take the recording with you and reply to Hadrian however you like.

Meet Up With Kaiser And Get The Final Sample

Return to Kaiser and open the hatch. You will then have to battle the final Terrormorph for the sample before returning to Forward Base 441 to complete the side quest.