Starfield’s Hero Worshipped trait offers you a unique companion experience. This trait is a nod to the Adoring Fan from Bethesda’s previous game, Oblivion. When players select the Hero Worshipped trait, they gain the attention of an “Adoring Fan,” a character who will randomly appear and interact with them throughout their journey. This fan is not just for show; he comes with benefits but also some quirks.


Hero Worshipped Pros And Cons

The following the the pros of this trait:

  1. Adoring Fan as a Crew Member: The Adoring Fan can join your ship’s crew, offering you gifts from time to time. He’s not just a fan; he’s also a helper.
  2. Skills: The Adoring Fan possesses specific skills, including Scavenging 1, Concealment 1, and Weight Lifting 2. While these might not be the top-tier skills in Starfield, they can come in handy. For instance, his Weight Lifting skill allows him to carry a decent amount of items, acting as a pack mule for the player.
  3. Entertainment: The Adoring Fan’s dialogue can be amusing, especially in the beginning. His constant flattery and interactions can add a touch of humor to your adventures.

The following is a list of cons of this trait:

  1. Constant Chatter: Over time, the Adoring Fan’s continuous praise and talking can become repetitive and even annoying for some players.
  2. Not Combat-Oriented: With his skill set, the Adoring Fan isn’t the best choice for combat scenarios. If you’re looking for a companion who can assist in battles, there are better options available in Starfield.
  3. Trait Limitation: By choosing the Hero Worshipped trait, you might be missing out on other potentially more beneficial traits.

How to Remove the Hero Worshipped Trait

If you ever feel that the Adoring Fan’s presence is more of a hindrance than a help, there’s a straightforward way to part ways. The most direct method to remove the Hero Worshipped trait is by ending the Adoring Fan’s life. Once he’s no longer in the picture, the trait is effectively nullified.

Is The Hero Worshipped Trait Worth It

The value of the Hero Worshipped trait depends on individual player preferences. If you enjoy having a quirky companion who occasionally offers gifts and lightens the mood with humorous interactions, this trait might be a good fit. However, if you prioritize combat efficiency and seek a more versatile companion, there are better options in Starfield. While the Adoring Fan provides a nostalgic nod to Oblivion and can be entertaining, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before committing to the Hero Worshipped trait.