In Starfield, you are bound to encounter various challenges and hazards. Among these, burns can be particularly troublesome, hindering your exploration and posing a threat to your character’s health. This guide will walk you through the steps to effectively heal burns in Starfield.


Burns in Starfield are not just a mere inconvenience; they can significantly impact your gameplay. Recognizing the symptoms is crucial. When afflicted, your character will display visible signs of distress, and the game’s HUD will indicate the burn status, and the player’s O2 levels will start to drop immediately. This is a clear signal that immediate action is required.

Healing Burns In Starfield

  1. Heal Paste: This is the primary remedy for burns in Starfield. The Heal Paste can be applied directly to the affected area, providing instant relief. It’s a must-have item in your inventory, especially if you’re venturing into areas with high burn risks. You can procure this paste from various vendors across different planets or craft it if you have the necessary ingredients and blueprint.
  2. Med Bay: If you’re out of Heal Paste or can’t access it immediately, another method to alleviate burns is the Med Bay.

Tip: Heal paste is not only used to heal burns for frostbite as well.

Where To Find Heal Paste For Burns In Starfield

Kreet Research Lab

Head to Lab 01 in the Kreet Research Lab, located on Kreet, a moon of Anselon within the Narion System. Here, you’ll find Heal Paste conveniently placed on a table, waiting to be added to your inventory.


The Well: New Atlantis, Jemison

The Med Bay in The Well, situated on New Atlantis in the Jemison region of the Alpha Centauri System, houses Vendor Talia O’Shea. She offers Heal Paste for purchase, ensuring you’re always stocked up.

Abandoned Muybridge Pharmaceuticals Lab

Delve into the depths of the Abandoned Muybridge Pharmaceuticals Lab on Venus in the Sol System. The lowest floor contains a first aid box with Heal Paste. Additionally, the pharmaceutical lab inside the Muybridge Caverns allows players to craft their own Heal Paste, granting autonomy in ensuring a steady supply.

Residential District: New Atlantis, Jemison

The bustling Residential District on New Atlantis in the Jemison region of the Alpha Centauri System is home to Dr. Alexei Lebedev’s Doctor Office Diagnosis Room. Here, players can both purchase Heal Paste from Dr. Lebedev and craft it in the Pharmaceutical Lab.

Neon: Volii Alpha

Neon, located in the Volii Alpha region of the Volii System, is a hub for Heal Paste. Vendors James Newill and Kolman Lang offer it at Newill’s Goods and the Trade Authority, respectively, ensuring you have multiple options to stock up.


Akila City: Cheyenne System

Akila City, nestled within the Cheyenne System, is home to The Rock. Vendor Mary Cartwrite is ready to provide players with Heal Paste, ensuring they’re always prepared for any challenges that come their way.

Prevention is always better than cure. Familiarize yourself with environments or objects that can cause burns. This includes staying clear of open flames, avoiding direct contact with overheated machinery, and being cautious around explosive materials. Equip protective gear when exploring hazardous areas to reduce the risk of burns.

Healing burns with this Heal Paste

Stock Up and Stay Prepared

Burns can occur unexpectedly, so it’s wise to always be prepared. Regularly check your inventory to ensure you have a sufficient stock of Heal Paste. If you’re running low, make it a priority to replenish your supply. Additionally, always be on the lookout for new recipes or blueprints that can aid in crafting more advanced burn remedies.