Starfield the Grunt Work side quest stands out as an intriguing mission that immerses players into the heart of the United Colonies Vanguard’s challenges. As a newly inducted recruit, you’re dispatched to the mysterious Tau Ceti II, where the menacing Terrormorph awaits, threatening the peace of settlers. This walkthrough will guide you through every twist and turn of this captivating quest, ensuring you’re well-equipped to face the challenges and reap the rewards.


How To Start Grunt Work Side Quest

Begin the Grunt Work quest by engaging in a conversation with Chief Crew Kane Herath. He’ll equip you with the necessary resources and brief you about the mission’s intricacies. Once you’re well-informed, set your trajectory for Tau Ceti II.

Chief Crew Kane Herath

Starfield Grunt Work Walkthrough

Access your star map, pinpoint Tau Ceti II in the Tau Ceti System, and fast-travel to the destination. Upon arrival, survey the planet to locate the landing zone and establish a connection with the settlers.

Post landing, navigate towards the Tau Gourmet Production Center, guided by the objective marker. As you near the location, your objective will refresh, directing you to interact with Hadrian. She’ll brief you about the Ferrothorn, a creature wreaking havoc among the settlers. To assist the settlers, you’ll need to harness the production plant’s security system, which is currently non-operational and requires reactivation.


Depart from the production center and trace the objective marker leading to the security system’s outpost. Engage with the system, select “Security System Connection Status,” followed by “Reset Security Connection.” With the connection re-established, another terminal within the outpost becomes accessible. Activate it to turn on the livestock tracking system, and adjust the tracker frequency to 183.5, which will lure the Terrormorph.

Tau Ceti II rock planet coordinates.

Beat the Terrormorph

The Terrormorph, upon sensing the frequency, will surface and target another alien species. Your renewed objective is to neutralize the Terrormorph. An auxiliary objective, “Restore Power to the Kill Lanes,” will also appear. It’s advisable to accomplish this task as it powers up automated turrets that aid in your combat against the Terrormorph. Three power restoration points are highlighted on your HUD. While you’re on this task, stay vigilant of the Terrormorph’s potential surprise attacks.

The Terrormorph is a formidable adversary, boasting high HP and agility. It employs surprise attack strategies and can engage in both melee and ranged combat. Evade the corrosive acid attacks from the Terrormorph. Equip high-damage weapons like sniper rifles and shotguns for maximum impact. Explosives can also tilt the battle in your favor. Deploy your companion to divert the Terrormorph’s attention, allowing you to strike from a different vantage point. After subduing the creature, approach it to extract tissue samples.

With the tissue samples in hand, revert to Hadrian. She’ll attempt a sample analysis but will soon realize that her equipment, specifically her microscope, isn’t apt for the task. She’ll share insights about the Terrormorphs and their origins. Subsequently, she’ll request you to forward the tissue sample to Dr. Percival Walker for a detailed examination. Once all tasks are accomplished, rendezvous with Commander Tuala, report your achievements, and mark the quest as complete.


Grunt Work Rewards

For successfully completing the Grunt Work side quest, players are rewarded with:

  • EXP: 250
  • Credits: 4800
  • UC Vanguard Pilot Pack
  • UC Space Helmet
  • UC Spacesuit


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