In Starfield, danger lurks around every asteroid and behind every star. Whether you’re a seasoned space explorer or a newbie astronaut, there might come a time when the challenges of the universe become a tad too overwhelming and that’s console commands and cheat codes come in.


Cheats allow you to enable Starfield’s “God Mode.” This powerful feature, reminiscent of other Bethesda titles, grants you invincibility, allowing you to experience the game without the constant threat of demise. But how do you activate it, and what are its implications? Let’s learn how to enable God Mode in Starfield.

Starfield: God Mode Console Command Cheat

  1. Console Access: Begin by opening the game’s console. This is typically done by pressing the tilde (~) key on your keyboard. If you’ve played other Bethesda games, this step will be familiar.
  2. The Magic Command: With the console open, type in tgm and press Enter. This acronym stands for “Toggle God Mode,” and once activated, you’ll be in the realm of the invincible.

What What God Mode Offers

  • Invincibility: The primary benefit of god mode is that your character becomes immune to all forms of damage. Whether it’s a laser blast or a fall from a great height, nothing can harm you.
  • Limitations: While you might be invincible, not everything around you shares that privilege. For instance, your spaceship can still be destroyed. Also, god mode doesn’t grant unlimited crafting materials or the ability to craft without the necessary skills.
  • Infinite Resources: Enjoy the luxury of not worrying about ammo when shooting or oxygen when sprinting. Plus, you can carry as much as you want without being weighed down.

Things to Consider

Activating god mode comes with a trade-off. You won’t be able to earn any achievements while it’s enabled. If you’re someone who loves collecting those, think twice before toggling god mode on. While god mode can be a fun way to experience Starfield, overusing it might take away from the game’s intended challenges and experiences. It’s a tool, and like all tools, it’s most effective when used appropriately.

How To Disable God Mode

If you ever wish to face the game’s natural challenges again, simply open the console and type “tgm” to deactivate god mode in Starfield.



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