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Looking to tackle the ‘Friends Like These’ quest in Starfield? No worries! We’ve got a simple guide to help you out. From start to finish, we’ll show you what to do and where to go. Whether you’re a Starfield pro or just getting your space legs, our guide is here to help you navigate every twist and turn of UC Vanguard faction’s Friends Like These side quest. We’ll walk you through each objective, give you some handy gameplay tips, and ensure you’re set to reap all the rewards.

Speak to Deputy Macintyre

Requirement: Eyewitness Side Quest

Upon initiating the “Friends Like These” quest, your first task is to engage in a conversation with Deputy Macintyre. You’ll find her stationed in a room within Interstellar Affairs. During this interaction, Macintyre will shed light on the process of accessing the archives that house classified intel concerning the Terrormorphs. The crux of your mission? Secure the archival codes from both the Freestar Collective and House Va’ruun. This will grant you the access you seek.


Access the Freestar Collective Archives

After your conversation with Deputy Macintyre, your next objective is to gain access to the archives of the Freestar Collective. This faction, known for its independent spirit and resistance to centralized authority, holds one of the two sets of codes you need.

To obtain the codes from the Freestar Collective, you’ll need to navigate the political intricacies and relationships within the faction. There are multiple ways to approach this:

  1. Diplomacy: Engage in dialogue with Radcliff. You might be able persuade her to share the codes willingly. However, this is not the easiest way to do this since you need to fill 8 bars and have a fully ranked up Persuasion Skill. But if you a high enough Persuasion Skill this is the best way to do this.
  2. Stealth: If direct confrontation isn’t your style, you can opt for a more covert approach. Sneak into Radcliff’s room through the vent with some help from Cameron or head right into the room behind her. There are some are some recordings you can listen to that will help blackmail her into giving you the code.

Use the information you found in the recordings to blackmail confront Radcliff into giving you the code. She will take you to a server room to get the code.

Note: If you manage to persuade her into willingly giving up the code, then there is no confrontation or visit to the server room.


Get House Va’ruun’s Code

Head over to House Va’ruun’s embassy to get the final code. You can ride the elevator to Bal’mor. As you head inside the facility you will hear someone on the intercom. Follow the quest marker to reach the intercom. You will be able to see a lever next to the intercom that you can use to restore power. Pull the lever but there is more to be done.

Head deeper inside the embassy to restore power as instructed by the voice on the intercom. You will come across robots and torrents, make sure to read our guide on how to deal more damage to them.

You will find more intercoms with levers next to them, keep throwing the switches as you progress further into the facility. You will eventually reach the basement where a fight with robots insues. Clear them out and approach the stranger who identifies himself as non-other then Bal’mor the ambassador of House Va’ruun.

Speak With Bal’mor To Get The Code

Bal’mor the ambassador of House Va’ruun will give you the code after a short conversation. With the code in hand, return to Deputy Macintyre.


Friends Like These Rewards