Starfield has a lot of content and massive worlds to explore. So, you will need to make the most of your time and get the best gear as fast as possible in order to progress effectively. In this Starfield guide, we go over how you can get a secret ship, a free house, and legendary weapons and armor that you can get early on.


Starfield Secret Weapons, Armor, Ship, House You Can Get Early

Reckless Bombardment – Unique Grenade Launcher

Starfield Legendary Weapons Reckless Bombardment

Reckless Bombardment is a unique grenade launcher. Attack enemies in their limbs, and you will gain +30% extra damage on the next attack. So you can keep attacking the enemy limbs in order to gain that damage bonus. This works very well if you have invested skill points towards heavy weapons.

You can get the weapon during the mission called Hostile Intelligence (UC faction questline). You can purchase the weapon from Lt. Gualter Azevedo, but it does cost a lot of credits (70,000).

If you missed this weapon, you can head over to Mars in the Sol System. You can travel to the TMD headquarters and talk to Lt. Gualter Azevedo.


Vampire’s Gift – Unique Rifle

Starfield Legendary Weapons Vampire's Gift

The Vampire’s Gift unique rifle, similar to Reckless Bombardment, can be bought from Lt. Gualter Azevedo. It costs about 15,000 credits and offers better value compared to Reckless Bombardment. It does a lot of damage, and there is a chance of enemies dropping med packs. Not to mention that the ammo it uses is very common.

UC Antixeno Pack legendary armor And X-989 Microgun

During Hostile Intelligence, save before landing on Toliman II in the Alpha Centauri System. As far as I know, this is hidden until you get to it. We recommend changing the difficulty to hard (for high-end and legendary gear). Once here, you are supposed to head inside the building and talk to the commander but wait a bit. There is a lot of loot in the room that you can pick up. This includes a weapons case on the floor next to the counter.

Once you talk to the commander, he will point you toward the armory, which you can miss. There are plenty of weapons and armor that you can loot inside, including the UC Antixeno Pack legendary armor. The armor set is very good since it reduces damage from aliens by 15%, and if you are standing still, then there is a 75% chance that incoming damage will be reduced by 50%. Furthermore, when your health is low enough, you will heal automatically. The pack gives you +20 carrying capacity, which is something everyone is trying to maximize.

Talk to the guy inside the armory to get the X-989 Microgun.


Note: If you saved the game and did not find any legendary gear, then you can reload and try again.

Free House In New Atlantis

Following the above-mentioned questline and staying on the good side of the United Colonies will get you a free house in New Atlantis. Head over to the visitor’s center outside the UC headquarters and talk to the NPC here to get the keys to your apartment.

Once you have the keys, you will get an activity, which you can follow to get to the exact location of the apartment. You can take the train to the residential area and then head over to Mercury Tower, and then take the elevator up to your new home.

Free Razerleaf Ship

This is a class A ship and one of the best that you can find in the Denebola system. To get the ship, you will need to get the Secret Outpost slate, which is obtained at random by looting spacer enemy bodies. You should be able to find it during the main quest called The Old Neighborhood.


Once you have the slate, you will get the Mantis sidequest, and you can fly to Denebola. If you are trying to get here early on in the game, then you might need to refuel on the way. Head into the Lair of the Mantis and head into the puzzle room, where you need to spell out a word. The word you need to input is “TYRANNIS”. progress forward, and you will find the ship. You can then press a button to have the ship go to the surface.

This is how you can get legendary weapons, armor, a free ship, and a house early on in Starfield. If you are interested in learning more, then check out our guide on how you can sell survey data. For more content, check out our Starfield guides hub.


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