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First to Fight, First to Die is a really interesting faction quest that you can complete in Starfield. It is part of the Freestar Collective faction questline and continues that storyline from where we left off in the last two faction quests. In this guide, we will discuss all the details you need to know on how to complete First to Fight, First to Die in Starfield.

Starfield First to Fight, First to Die Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: On The Run Side Quest
  • Rewards: 250XP, 9600 Credits

Begin by heading to the meeting room. Here, Marshal Daniel and Emma will be waiting. The room is located at the end of a hallway, where you’ll also find Ranger Alex. Once inside, take a seat next to Marshal Daniel. During the debriefing, Ranger Alex will provide an update, mentioning the decryption of an encryption slate acquired earlier during the “Shadows In Neon” mission.

Marshal Daniel will then instruct you to travel to Arcturus II.


Upon entering the orbit of Arcturus II, be prepared to face a group of Mercenary Patrol Ships. Ensure their defeat before attempting to land on the planet. After dealing with the patrol ships, land at the Freestar Mech Factory. As you venture inside, be cautious of mines. Your main objective here is to confront Paxton Hull, who is deep within the factory. To reach him, navigate through hallways filled with First Cavalry Veteran soldiers and automated turrets.

The climax of the quest takes place in the Operations Room. Here, you’ll face a horde of First Cavalry mercenaries, with Paxton Hull positioned on the upper levels. It’s advised to deal with the soldiers first, as they’ll be attacking from various directions. Once they’re dealt with, focus on Paxton Hull. He can be found on the second level of the middle building in the Operations room. You have the option to confront him directly or shoot from the ground level, taking advantage of his exposed position on the catwalk.

After inflicting enough damage, Paxton Hull will be incapacitated. Approach him for a final conversation. However, ensure all remaining mercenaries are defeated before engaging in dialogue. Following the conversation, you’ll have one last battle with Paxton. Be ready to take cover or shoot him down based on your ammunition and health status.


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