Sealant is a crucial crafting component in Starfield. Given its importance in various high-end crafting recipes, players often find themselves in need of this item. Whether you’re constructing buildings, creating medicines, or upgrading weapons, Sealant is a must-have. This guide will walk you through the various ways to obtain Sealant in Starfield.


Where to Purchase Sealant

Sealant is available for purchase from various vendors scattered across the Starfield universe. Two primary planets where you can find vendors selling Sealant are Jemison and Volii Alpha:

  • Jemison, New Atlantis City: Vendors at Jemison Mercantile, Outlands, UC Distribution, and Apex Electronics offer Sealant.
  • Volii Alpha, Neon City: You can buy Sealant at Newill’s Goods and Sieghart’s Outfitters. If you find a vendor out of stock, a quick tip is to wait for a couple of in-game days and check back. They usually restock their inventory.

Finding Sealant Through Exploration

If you’re more of an explorer, you can naturally farm Sealant in the Andromas system. Here’s how:

  1. Set your course to the Andromas system and head to the planet Andromas II.
  2. When choosing a landing spot on the planet, look for the ‘Savanna’ destination and land there.
  3. Once on the surface, use your scanner to locate the ‘Fallen Star Palm’ tree.
  4. Approach these trees, scan them, and harvest them to obtain Sealant in the form of Sap.

Additionally, as you journey through Starfield, you’ll come across various locations, especially research labs, that often have Sealant as part of their loot.


Trade Authority Stores

Trade Authority stores, found in almost every settlement, are another excellent source for Sealant. These stores not only offer a diverse range of goods but also purchase stolen items and contraband from players. It’s always a good idea to check their stock for Sealant.

Harvesting Organic Lifeforms

For those who prefer not to spend their hard-earned credits, the Settled Systems offer a natural way to obtain Sealant. Certain plants and animals, when harvested, can yield Sealant. However, pinpointing these specific species can be a challenge. To make this task easier:

  • Use your scanner to analyze organic lifeforms on planets.
  • Once you’ve fully scanned a plant or animal, the game will display the resources they drop and the climates they thrive in. This information can guide you in searching for them in other solar systems.

Establishing Outposts

If you discover lifeforms that provide Sealant, consider setting up an outpost on that particular planet. Doing so creates a fast travel point, accessible from anywhere in the universe. This convenience ensures you can quickly return whenever you’re running low on Sealant.

Explore High-Level Star Systems

High-level star systems can be a goldmine for Sealant. Non-aggressive, high-level fauna, when killed, not only yield more XP but also have a chance to drop Sealant. This method allows players to level up faster while simultaneously farming for Sealant through exploration and hunting.


How To Use Sealant

Sealant wide range of applications in Starfield:

  • Outpost Items: Sealant is essential for crafting various outpost items like the Greenhouse, Animal Husbandry Facilities, Simple Fabricator, and different building objects like the Outpost airlock, Four wall hab, and more.
  • Medical/Aid Items: Sealant is a primary component in crafting medical items like Bandages and Immobilizers. These are vital for treating various injuries and conditions.
  • Research Projects: Establishing an outpost in Starfield requires research to unlock more building options. Sealant is a key ingredient in many research projects, including Manufacturing 1, 2, and 3, as well as weapon mods.

Sealant is an indispensable resource in Starfield. Whether you’re buying it from vendors, exploring planets to harvest it, or using it in crafting and research, knowing where and how to get Sealant will significantly speed up your game progression.


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