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In Starfield you’re bound to stumble upon some intriguing quests that pique your curiosity. “Eyewitness” is one such side quest that’s got players talking and scratching their heads. If you’re looking to unravel its mysteries without getting lost in space, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pieced together a straightforward guide to walk you through it.

How To Complete Eyewitness Side Quest

Head to the Cabinet Chambers. This is located within the MAST building. As you approach, Hadrian will greet you outside, providing some intriguing information. He reveals a personal secret: he is a clone of an individual named Francois Sanon, who also goes by the moniker “Vae Victus.”

Hadrian is open to further conversation, allowing you to delve deeper into his backstory and gather more details. However, if you’re keen on progressing with the quest without delay, you can choose to wrap up the chat. To continue, make your way to the elevator and select the “Cabinet Chambers / Interstellar Affairs” option to reach your destination.


Speak With The Cabinet

Once inside the Cabinet Chambers, you’ll be faced with the task of addressing the Cabinet members and responding to their concerns. This is your chance to engage in dialogue, sharing your thoughts and perspectives. However, it’s worth noting that your responses here won’t have a significant impact on the quest’s outcome. Feel free to answer genuinely and to your heart’s content, ensuring a personalized experience in this interaction.

As the meeting progresses, an unexpected emergency begins to unfold outside the building. The atmosphere in the Cabinet Chambers becomes tense as you and the members try to grasp the severity of the situation. The Cabinet will brief you on the dire circumstances: Terrormorphs are threatening the city. Recognizing your capabilities, they’ll request your assistance to combat these menacing creatures and protect the city’s inhabitants. The fate of many rests in your hands.

Speak With NAT to the Spaceport

To address the immediate threat of the Terrormorphs, you’ll need to make your way to the Spaceport. The fastest way to get there is by taking the NAT (New Atlantis Transit). As you approach the station, be prepared for unexpected challenges. A commotion has erupted in front of the station, and before you can proceed to the Spaceport, you’ll need to address this disturbance. Alongside other officers, you’ll work to contain the Terrormorphs and ensure the safety of the area.

Use The EM Weapon Against The Attackers

As the situation intensifies, you’ll notice an EM weapon lying on the ground. This is your tool to de-escalate the situation without causing fatal harm. Pick it up and employ it against the aggressive civilians who are attacking the guards. The EM weapon is designed to incapacitate rather than kill, ensuring the safety of both the guards and the civilians. If you happen to have other EM weapons in your inventory, they can also be used for the same purpose. Always prioritize non-lethal methods to maintain peace and order.


Access The Situation

Once you’ve managed to neutralize the immediate threat, it’s time to gather information and understand the bigger picture. Approach the guard you’ve just assisted and engage in a conversation. She’ll provide insights into the events unfolding at the next station. Additionally, she’ll inform you that the NAT, the primary mode of transportation to the Spaceport, has now been unlocked. With this knowledge, you can proceed to board the train and make your way to the Spaceport, preparing for whatever challenges lie ahead.

With the situation at the station under control, it’s time to head to the main battleground: the Spaceport. As you make your way there, ensure your weapon is at the ready. The moment you arrive at the Spaceport, the gravity of the situation becomes clear. Guards are already locked in combat with the menacing Terrormorphs. Brace yourself, as you’re about to join the fray and defend the city.

Kill The Terrormorph

Join the guards in their battle against the menacing Terrormorph lurking in the vicinity. Wield the EM weapon to target the creature, aiming to fill its blue bar. Once it’s full, the Terrormorph will be momentarily stunned, rendering it vulnerable. Seize this opportunity to unleash your most potent weapons, delivering a barrage of attacks while it’s incapacitated. Working in tandem with the guards, focus on bringing this formidable foe down.

terrormorph in Starfield

Speak With The Fireteam (Optional Objective)

As the battle rages on, you have the option to approach the Fireteam Leader. Engaging with them gives you a strategic advantage, as they can assist in taking down the remaining Terrormorphs within the Spaceport. However, if you’re feeling confident or seeking a challenge, you can politely decline their help, choosing instead to face the Terrormorphs with only your team by your side. The choice is yours, and it adds a layer of strategy to the unfolding chaos.


Speak With Sergeant Yumi

Before diving headfirst into the fray, it’s crucial to touch base with those who have a grasp on the situation. Seek out Sergeant Yumi, the officer spearheading the defense. Engaging in a conversation with him will shed light on the current state of affairs and the challenges that lie ahead. Yumi, understanding the gravity of the situation, will also point you towards a stash of supplies. It’s a gesture that underscores the importance of being well-equipped for the imminent confrontation.

Kill Two Terrormorphs

As you advance, brace yourself for a face-off with two formidable Terrormorphs. Tackling them individually can be a strategic move, allowing you to concentrate your firepower and bring them down more efficiently. If you’ve enlisted the help of the fireteam, consider maintaining a safe distance and providing support with ranged attacks. This way, the fireteam can engage the creatures up close, drawing their attention, while you chip away at their health from afar. The combined efforts can make this daunting task a tad more manageable.

Wrapping Up Eyewitness Side Quest

Once the Terrormorph threat has been neutralized, make your way back to Sergeant Yumi to update him on the situation. Engage in a conversation, detailing the events that transpired. With the immediate danger now behind, gear up to return to the Cabinet Chambers and share the victorious news.

It’s time to head back to the MAST building. Seek out President Abello in the Cabinet Chambers to inform her of your accomplishments. In appreciation of your efforts, she’ll express her gratitude. Furthermore, she’ll emphasize the importance of uncovering more about the Terrormorphs, setting the stage for your next mission, “Friends Like These.”

Eyewitness Rewards

  • EXP: 350
  • Credits: 12000


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