In Starfield’s universe, the allure of revisiting our home planet, Earth, is undeniable. As we traverse the cosmos, the mysteries surrounding Earth’s history, its landmarks, and the pivotal grav drive incident beckon us to embark on a journey back to our blue planet. This guide takes you through the steps to visit Earth in Starfield, uncovering the narrative significance and the intriguing tales of Earth’s past. Whether you’re keen on exploring Earth’s landmarks or understanding the events that led to its current state, we’ve got you covered.


Starfield: How To Return To Earth

To set your course for Earth, you’ll first need to open the Spacemap from the game’s menu. Once you’re in the Spacemap, highlight the Sol system. It’s conveniently located close to the Alpha Centauri system, where Constellation, a significant in-game faction, is based. Within the Sol system, pick planet Earth as your destination and set your course. As you approach Earth, you can open the menu again to choose a landing site. From there, you can start your exploration.

What Happened to Earth?

Earth in Starfield isn’t the bustling, life-filled planet we know. Instead, it’s a deserted wasteland, with only unpopulated biomes and occasional space pirate groups to encounter. But what led to this desolation?

  • The Backstory: After reaching New Atlantis and delivering the first Artifact to Constellation, players can learn more about Earth’s history. A key event in the game’s lore is the development of the first grav drive by Doctor Victor Aiza. This invention had unintended consequences for Earth.
  • The Grav Drive Incident: Doctor Aiza’s grav drive prototype was developed after he came into contact with an Artifact. However, this grav drive caused Earth’s atmosphere to dissipate over time.
  • The Aftermath: The loss of the atmosphere made Earth uninhabitable. This led to a mass exodus from the planet between the years 2149 and 2199. Tragically, millions were left behind, leading to countless deaths.

Earth’s fate is a pivotal point in Starfield’s story. By visiting the Nova Galactic Research Station on Earth’s moon, players can delve deeper into the events that led to Earth’s current state. The station holds clues about an AI connected to an experimental grav drive. Further investigation leads players to NASA’s facility in Cape Canaveral on Earth, where the full story of the grav drive and its consequences unfolds.


All Earth Landmarks

While Earth might be deserted in Starfield, it’s not entirely devoid of interest. Players can explore now-ruined landmarks, such as the Shard. However, beyond these landmarks and the occasional resources like Chlorine, Lead, Water, Chlorosilane, and Mercury, there isn’t much activity on the planet.

If a trip to Earth becomes too depressing, I suggest going to visit your parents in Starfield to some emotional support.

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