Starfield players have the unique opportunity to own a slice of luxury with the Dream Home Trait. Nestled on the serene planet of Nesoi in the Olympus System, this customizable abode offers a tranquil retreat from the chaos of space exploration. However, every luxury comes with its price, and in this case, it’s a hefty mortgage that players must settle with Galbank in New Atlantis. While the idea of owning a dream home in space is enticing, the financial commitment can be daunting. This guide will walk you through the steps to visit your luxurious space residence and the intricacies of managing and paying off your mortgage.


Note: You must select the Dream Home trait when creating your character in Starfield.

How To Visit Your Dream Home In Starfield

Owning a Dream Home in Starfield is more than just a status symbol; it’s a personal space where players can relax, store items, and even engage in unique activities. But how exactly do you get to this luxurious Dream Home in Starfield? Let’s breakdown the process:

  1. Select the Dream Home Trait: At the very beginning of Starfield, when you’re creating your character, ensure you choose the Dream Home Trait. This trait is essential to unlock the subsequent steps leading to your home.
  2. Complete Initial Missions: Before you can visit your dream home, you need to complete the first two main missions of Starfield. Specifically, finish the “One Small Step” mission. The quest for this mission will be triggered the moment Sarah Morgan joins your party.
  3. Start Dream Home Sidequest: After completing the initial missions, a side quest named “Dream Home” will become available in your Missions menu. Select this quest, and it will provide you with a waypoint directing you to the Olympus System and, subsequently, to Nesoi.
  4. Going to Nesoi: If you’re still early in the game and haven’t ventured near Nesoi, the planet won’t appear on your Starmap. In this case, you’ll need to identify the Olympus system on the Star Map. To reach Olympus, you might need to set a course using other stars as waypoints. A recommended route is to jump to Narion from Alpha Centauri and then proceed to Olympus. Note: Olympus is located very close to Aranae on the star map, making it a bit tricky to select. Ensure you’re heading to Olympus and not Aranae.
  5. Arriving at Olympus: Once you’ve reached the Olympus system, pull up your star map again to view the planets within the system. Look for Nesoi, which is an Earth-like planet, and set a course for it.
  6. Landing on Nesoi: As you orbit Nesoi, scan the surface for your house. It’s the only building in the vicinity. Once you’ve located it, land nearby. Note that the first time you try to enter your dream home, you might be required to pay a fee of 500 credits.

Remember, while the Dream Home offers many luxuries, it also comes with responsibilities, one of which is the mortgage. In the next section, we’ll delve into the details of managing and paying off this financial commitment.

Alpha Centauri.
Alpha Centauri Location
Olympus System location.
Select Olympus System

How To Pay Off Mortgage In Starfield

Owning a Dream Home in Starfield is an exciting venture, but it comes with its financial obligations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to manage and pay off your mortgage:

  1. Start the Dream Home Side quest: To start the process, activate the Dream Home side quest from the Missions menu. One of the objectives you’ll encounter is titled: “See Landry Hollifeld in New Atlantis About Your Mortgage.”
  2. Visit Galbank in New Atlantis: Head to New Atlantis and find Galbank, which is located just southwest of The Lodge. You’ll recognize it by its large building with a distinctive green facade.
  3. Consult with Landry Hollifeld: Once inside Galbank, seek out Landry Hollifeld. He will provide you with information about your loan options. Essentially, you have two choices: you can either foreclose or decide to pay off your debt.
  4. Payment Methods: If you’re looking to settle your mortgage in full, you’ll need to bring the entire amount to Landry Hollifeld at Galbank. However, if you prefer to make payments in smaller increments, you can do so right at your Dream Home’s front door. This allows you to gradually pay off your loan, making it more manageable and letting you access your house in the meantime.
  5. Paid In Full Side Quests: After discussing your mortgage with Landry, you’ll be introduced to the “Due In Full” series of side quests. These aren’t directly related to your personal mortgage but involve tracking down creditors who have defaulted on their payments to Galbank. It’s a series of “bounties” where you’re tasked with catching those who have skipped their payments.

The total amount you must pay to own the Dream House is 125,000 credit.


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