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In Starfield, players will come across a variety of faction quests, each offering its unique narrative and challenges. Among these is the “Deputized” side quest, which is part of the Freestar Rangers mission line. This questline is not just about space exploration but also about understanding the dynamics of the Freestar Collective and its army.

Starfield Deputized Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: Job Gone Wrong Side Quest
  • Rewards: 250XP, 5000 Credits

To kick off the “Deputized” quest, players must first complete the “Job Gone Wrong” mission, which is a prerequisite. After successfully handling the bank robbers in that mission, the Marshal will advise players to meet Emma Wilcox at The Rock if they wish to join the ranks of the Freestar Rangers.

Find And Talk To Emma Wilcox

Upon reaching The Rock in Akila City, players should head upstairs to find Emma Wilcox. Engaging in a conversation with her will reveal some background about the Freestar Rangers, the police force of the Freestar Collective space. Despite your recent heroics, Emma remains skeptical about your abilities. To prove your worth, she’ll ask you to undertake a Freestar Ranger mission.


Complete A Mission For Freestar Rangers

Near Emma, players will find a mission board. From here, they can select a Freestar Ranger mission. The nature of these missions varies, but they typically involve either eliminating an enemy of the Freestar Collective or rescuing a hostage. Once the chosen mission is completed, players should return to Akila City to speak with Emma, who will then introduce them to Marshal Blake.

Speak With Marshal Blake

Marshal Blake will formally induct players into the Freestar Rangers, providing them with starting gear, including a unique pistol. Following this, Emma will inform players about a farmer on the planet Montara Luna who needs assistance, as someone is attempting to seize her land. Emma will accompany players on this journey.

Go To Waggoner Farm

Waggoner Farm is located on Montara Luna’s moon, within the Cheyenne system. After landing, players should approach Mikaela Waggoner for a chat. She’ll narrate how a group of soldier-like individuals made a lowball offer for her farm and threatened her when she refused. These individuals are believed to have retreated to the canyons behind her property.

Hunt The Ruffians

A trail of boot tracks will lead players into the canyon. As they venture deeper, they’ll encounter Swarming Sunflowers and need to deal with them. Following the tracks further will reveal mines and turrets scattered along the path, as well as formidable Octomaggots.


The tracks will eventually lead players to the Ruffian’s camp. A conversation with their leader will ensue, but regardless of the dialogue choices made, a firefight is inevitable. Players should be cautious, especially of the Ruffian Leader who wields a potent lightning weapon.

Search For Evidence

After dealing with the Ruffians, Emma will express a desire to uncover the reason behind their interest in Ms. Waggoner’s farm. A search of the Ruffian Leader will yield a “Job’s Done” slate, which reveals details about a stolen ship from HopeTech. Players should hand over this slate to Emma.

To conclude this Freestar Collective faction quest, players should return to Mikaela Waggoner and inform her of the Ruffian’s defeat. She’ll express her gratitude, marking the successful completion of the “Deputized” side quest.