Starfield’s Delivering Devils side quest offers players a thrilling journey to uncover the mysteries of the menacing Terrormorphs. As you navigate the underground city of Cydonia on Mars, you’ll engage with miners, confront the Spacer Leader, and delve deep into the Red Devil’s HQ. This guide provides a walkthrough of the quest, detailing every step from locating Percival to settling his debt and understanding the significance of the Terrormorphs. Whether you’re a seasoned space explorer or a novice astronaut, this guide will ensure you successfully complete the Delivering Devils mission in Starfield.


How To Start Delivering Devils In Starfield

Start your quest by inquiring about Percival at the Trade Authority located in the Cydonia underground city on Mars. If you’re having trouble finding him, the miners at the Sixth Circle bar in Cydonia might have some information. However, gaining their trust won’t be straightforward.

Speak With The Miners On The Sixth Circle Bar

After inquiring about Percival at the Trade Authority, your next destination should be the Sixth Circle bar. This establishment is located on level P2 of Cydonia, and you can easily reach it by taking the elevator. Inside the Sixth Circle, you’ll encounter a group of miners enjoying their drinks. While the first patron you approach might not provide much information, your main point of contact here is Lou, the bartender.

Lou is the key to gaining the information you need, but he won’t just hand it over. To earn his trust, you’ll need to convince him of your affiliation with the UC Vanguard and emphasize the importance of your mission to locate Percival for the greater good of humanity. However, words alone won’t suffice. Lou will test your knowledge with a couple of questions to ensure you’re not misleading him.


Lou’s Questions and Answers:

  1. What is the Vanguard Motto?
    • Answer: “Above and Beyond”
  2. What grade did you get in your Entrance Exam? A, B, C, or a D?
    • Answer: The Vanguard Entrance isn’t graded like that.

Successfully answering Lou’s questions will lead him to divulge that Percival is in a bit of a bind with the Trade Authority. This circles back to your earlier interaction with Oktai. Percival has accumulated a significant amount of debt, and Lou expects you to address some of this financial burden before he provides you with Percival’s exact location. In the Delivering Devils quest, you have multiple methods to address this debt, each with its own set of challenges and rewards.

What To Do With Percival’s Debt – Pay Off, Wipe Off, Kill Spacer Leader?

Lou will reveal that Percival is in debt with the Trade Authority. Before he gives up Percival’s location, he expects you to settle some of this debt. You have three options: pay off the debt, clear the debt by other means, or eliminate the Spacer Leader in the Deep Mines.

To confront the Spacer Leader, head to the Abandoned Mines west of Cydonia on Mars. Navigate through the mines, dealing with Spacers along the way, until you reach the true Deep Mines. Here, you’ll find both the Spacer Leader and Percival’s hideout. Before proceeding, assist Cambridge.

To clear Percival’s debt (21,867 Credits), provide the Hematite research to Cambridge Cooper. Negotiate with Oktai about the Pick-Me-Up drug. In return, request the clearing of Percival Walker’s debt. Oktai will agree and even reward you with 1,800 Credits.


Where To Find Percival In Delivering Devils

Percival is located in the old Red Devil’s HQ. If you’ve assisted Cambridge earlier, use the same entrance to access the Deep Mines. Follow the tunnel leading to the Red Devils HQ. Upon reaching the HQ, you’ll find Percival. Inform him about the Terrormorphs, and he’ll guide you to his lab. After a brief interaction, he’ll express a desire to speak with Hadrian at the Sixth Circle. Return to Cydonia with Percival and engage in a final conversation with both Hadrian and Walker to conclude the Delivering Devils quest.

Delivering Devils Rewards

  • EXP: 250
  • Credits: 9300

Delivering Devils Full Video Walkthrough


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